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About Yacon Syrup

What is Yacon Syrup?

Yacon Syrup originates from the Yacon plant (pronounced yah-KON) of the Andes Mountains in Peru and has been part of the Andean diet since the Incas. The yacon juices are extracted from the roots of the yacon plant, then filtered and evaporated in a process very similar to the way Maple syrup is made.

The Yacon plant looks similiar to a sweet potato and is a tuberous root.  Here, the yacon plant is pictured in its original form before being distilled into syrup for consumption.

yacon syrup dr. oz weight loss sugar substitute hermosa peak yacon plant


It is low glycemic, low carb and low in calories (13 calories per serving).  There are no artificial flavors, preservatives or binders added.

How it can help weight loss:

The syrup contains a high level of fructooligosaccharides, which are natural sugars commonly found in plants. The body resists the process to breakdown these sugars by enzymes during digestion and passes them through the body quickly without retaining the full caloric intake.  Since the sugar in Yacon Syrup aren’t digested like normal foods, you can enjoy sweetness without the calories. *Read more about the clinical studies in the links below*

Are there concerns?

Consumption can cause mild gas and bloating. Limit your intake to 3-6 teaspoons a day.

Read more about Yacon Syrup – It’s been featured on the Dr. Oz Show:

You can read more about Yacon Syrup on the Hermosa Peaks website.

Find out more about Yacon syrup and the health benefits here and here.


My Experience with Yacon Syrup

Why I decided to give this a try:

I have diabetes and I’m always looking for ways to cut back on my sugar intake. Now, I didn’t use this product for the specific reason to lose weight. I used it as a sugar replacement product, so I can’t speak on the weight loss aspect of the product.

What did it taste like and look like?

The syrup is a thick brown color and sort of tastes like a light molasses. It does have a sweetness, but it isn’t overly sweet.

How I used it:

I didn’t use this product to lose weight, but rather as a sugar substitute.


Used a teaspoon in my morning coffee. It added a bit of sweetness without using sugar.


Yacon with fruits
I had some tart fruits and drizzled a teaspoon over them. It gave the fruits a wonderful sweet and earthy flavor. This was my favorite way to use the syrup.


Pork Marinade
Honey Glazed Pork Chops – Substituted 1/3 cup honey with the Yacon syrup and my family couldn’t even tell the difference. 

I even used the Yacon syrup to make oatmeal breakfast bars for the family by substituting the honey in the recipe with the Yacon syrup. I did keep the bars in the refrigerator to help the bars keep its shape since the syrup isn’t as sticky as honey.

Overall experience:

Overall, I thought it was a good product. I did not have any side effects and had a positive experience with Hermosa Peak’s Yacon Syrup. I like that I can substitute honey or sugar with the Yacon syrup to cut back on my family’s sugar intake. My family could not tell the difference, which is a plus because my hubby is very resistant to change.

The only issue I had with the product was trying to find ways to substitute the syrup for the dry sugar in baked recipes. After some research, I was able to find this recipe as a substitute for brown sugar in recipes – 1 cup xylitol and 2 Tablespoons Yacon syrup. Unfortunately, I was not able to try this substitute, but will in the near future and will update my post when I do.*If you would like to try some recipes using Yacon Syrup, go to Yummly and search for Yacon syrup recipes. *

If you would like to give Hermosa Peak Yacon Syrup a try, you can purchase it on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

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