Cookie Dough Ice Cream Challenge

*DING*DING*DING*….let’s get ready to rumble! I’m here with another Pinterest Tested challenge. Since it’s summer time and National Ice Cream month, I chose to drag out my ice cream maker and compare two cookie dough ice creams – Pinterest Tested: Cookie No Dough Ice Cream vs Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I chose to compare the  Cookie No Dough Ice Cream from Take A Megabite and  Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Pink Parsley because one is made to taste like cookie dough and the other has cookie dough bites in them. Let’s see how they stacked up…


 Cookie No Dough Ice Cream from Take A Megabite

I found this recipe on Take A Megabite, but it’s been posted on three different blogs. The first post I found was in 2009 on Joy the Baker, whose blog I love. However, this recipe did have some negative feedback on the 6 pages of comments.

The ice cream is made to be flavored like cookie dough versus having cookie dough bits in the ice cream. Something different, so I thought it would be a good challenger against ice cream with cookie dough bits mixed in.


I didn’t take pictures of all of the steps. Sorry. I did follow the instructions exactly and browned the butter to make sure there were brown bits floating around. Here is a picture of the ice cream mix after it was ready to go into the refrigerator to cool.



Ice cream is churning! I added the mini chocolate chips when the ice cream began to thicken. The kids couldn’t wait till this was done, but I made them wait till the next day when it was a bit firmer…lol. I’m such a mean mom 🙂

Cookie No Dough Ice Cream


This ice cream didn’t last long and you could definitely taste the brown sugar. It was super sweet and creamy with just enough chocolate chips mixed throughout.


Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This recipe was first posted on Pink Parsley in February of 2011. This recipe didn’t really have any reviews from anyone that has actually made this ice cream, so I guess I’ll be the first 🙂


Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream

After taking a closer look at this recipe, it’s essentially the same recipe as above. You see, I’m blind and didn’t notice the credit given to Joy the Baker at the very end of this recipe. This recipe is a mash up of three different sources, but the end result is almost the same as above. The only difference is the added cookie dough bits, so I just took a picture of the end result, which basically looks the same as the first recipe. The only real difference is that you’ll need to prep a no egg cookie dough to add to this ice cream and this mix was strained before cooling.

*Please note that you have to use real butter or the dough will break apart in the mix…ask me how I know:-)*

Comparison shot of Cookie Dough Ice creams

Final Thoughts

Comparison Cookie No Dough Ice Cream Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Ease of making? Very easy to make. Easy to make, just has a few more steps since you need to prep a small batch of eggless cookie dough and the mix is strained. 
How much does the recipe make? Mix is just enough to fill the standard 1 1/2 qt. ice cream maker.   Mix is just enough to fill the standard 1 1/2 qt. ice cream maker.
Recipe ingredients Uses browned butter. Has added cookie dough.
Overall Taste This ice cream had a nice flavor, but I didn’t think it tasted like cookie dough at all. It tasted like brown sugar ice cream.  Since this recipe has the same base as the first, the only added difference was the cookie dough. I think you need this to really call it “cookie dough” ice cream. 
What changes did you make to the recipe? The only change I made to the recipe was to use mini chocolate chips. The original uses dark Valrhona chopped chocolate.  No changes. 
Which ones did the kids prefer & hubby prefer?*Four kids (two boys – 17yr. & 12yr. two girls – 14yr. & 10yr.) Surprisingly, my youngest son liked this one.   The rest of the kids liked this one. 
Would I make this again? Are there changes I would make? YES, if I were adding something else to the mix.  Yes. If I were to make this again, I would skip the straining part and roll the cookie dough into tiny balls before placing it into the refrigerator. 


Do you prefer chunky bits of goodies in your ice cream or are you a smooth and creamy ice cream eater?


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  1. I love your comparison…but hope I’m never on the “not so good” receiving end 🙂 Thanks for doing all the hard work for us!!

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