With Mother’s Day around the corner, here’s a fun ‘What’s In Your Purse’ printable game for the gathering.

What's In Your Purse Printable Game

Ok, so this ‘What’s In Your Purse Printable Game isn’t just a fun game to play at Mother’s Day parties. This would be a great game to play at baby showers or any type of gathering. There are two versions of this free printable game. The first version has common general items and the second version is geared towards 2020/2021 items that may be in our purses.

As always, this printable is for personal use only. Please do not copy to resell these. Click on the image for the printables or HERE.

How to Play

Give the players 5-mintues to find the items listed. Items should be placed next to them and be shown. The person with the most points, wins the game. Super fun and easy!

Prize Ideas

If you think of other items to add to the list, let me know in the comments below. I’ll try to update these when I can. And don’t forget to subscribe to my email list for updates and access to my exclusive subscriber only printable library. I’ve added a ‘What Are You Carrying’ printable game in the exclusive library for the guys to play too!

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