Today, I’m doing a quick post on St. Patrick’s Day lunches. Since my youngest daughter still brings home lunches to school about two to three times a week, I thought I would roundup some simple and fun St. Patrick’s Day lunch ideas. You can visit my Pinterest bento board for more ideas.

St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Roundup

St. Patrick's Day Lunch Ideas
5 Simple and fun lunch ideas
  1. Green dyed rice, boiled egg, grapes, and popcorn @Neat 2 Eat
  2. Boiled egg, pretzels, soy beans, and a fruit rainbow @My Small Potatoes
  3. Green tortilla with scrambled eggs, pretzels, Lucky Charms cereal, and green smoothie @Foodtastic Mom
  4. Leprechaun Grilled Cheese! This has broccoli pesto @Momables
  5. Pot of gold sandwich, soy beans, and grapes @Bento School Lunches

I also liked these ideas…

Shamrock Pillsbury Rolls @Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
Shamrock Pillsbury Rolls @Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Yum. I would love to have Shamrock rolls for lunch.

Cucumber & Hummus Cupcakes
Cucumber & Hummus Cupcakes @Creative Kids Snacks

 Wouldn’t those cupcakes cups be nice with some tuna salad in them too?

Minecraft Creeper @Bento School Lunches
Minecraft Creeper @Bento School Lunches

Who says that a green lunch has to be shamrocks and leprechauns? Why not a green creeper from Minecraft. My son would LOVE this.

What special lunch are you planning for St. Patrick’s Day?

For more lunch ideas, come and visit my Pinterest bento board

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