Today, I have a special guest post from Catalina at Sweet and Savory Meals on how to cook steak in 3 ways. If you haven’t been over to her site, there are links in the post to a few of her steak recipes.

Tips for Cooking Steak

Steak is a comfort food for many. But many are intimidated to cook them because you can easily overcook the meat. Here are some tips for you if you want to be an expert in cooking steak.

Make sure to season your steak well

Any good chef or even cook will tell you that without any seasoning the steak will be useless to eat. Even something as simple as salt and pepper can do wonders. Some chefs say that you may even want to overseason your steak.

This is true especially if you have good, quality, thick meat. Not only will the seasoning give a nice crust to the meat when you sear it, but it will just boost the flavor. Even if you put a lot of salt and pepper, or whatever spice rub you will be using if you have a thick cut of meat, there’s still a lot of interior that has not been seasoned.

Do let the seasoning permeate into the meat before you cook, especially if you are using spices so that you can really taste the flavor.

Use high heat

If you like eating streaks at restaurants, then you should know that one of the best tips is to sear the meat first. Searing is very important because the process helps give the meal not just a great color but flavor too.

The thing is, in restaurants, they have special grills and broilers to achieve that sear. If you are trying to cook steak at home, you will need to use very high heat in order to have the perfect sear.

Also, it would be better to use a cast iron pan for cooking steaks. They are better at retaining heat. When you cook your steak, the pan has to get really hot before you put your meat in. You can achieve this by putting it on high heat for at least five minutes.

Sear the meat for about 3 minutes on each side before moving it to the oven to finish the cooking process.

Let your meat rest

You hear this all the time, but it really needs to be done. Letting the meat rest after cooking will let the meat juice redistribute. Otherwise, if you cut right after cooking, the juice will just flow out which is a waste. The meat will also become tough and dry.

Letting the meat rest before cooking is just as important. Don’t put it into the pan right after you take it out of the fridge. If you have a cold steak, it might cook unevenly. Take it out of the fridge at least an hour before cooking.

Use a meat thermometer

Some cooks are so used to grilling and cooking steak that they can tell its doneness through how the meat feels. This is called the finger test.

But if you are not used to this method, the easiest way to tell that steak is done is through a meat thermometer. Use this if you are just a novice cook and want to make sure that you are not serving uncooked or overcooked steak. 

If you want a rare steak, go for 125ºF, for medium-rare it’s between 130 to 135ºF, medium is from 140 to 145ºF and last but not the least, medium-well is at 150ºF.

Cooking Steak Three Ways

Now that you know some basic tips on how to cook steaks well, here are three ways that you can cook them.

Grilled Steak

This is probably the most popular way to prepare steak, and we have the perfect Grilled Steak and Marinade recipe for you. The marinade has a lot of ingredients, and you will get a contact of flavors from the sweet to sour plus a punch of the fresh herbs.

Make sure to let the meat marinade properly so that you can really taste the flavor in the meat. If you have a thin cut like tenderloin, you can just marinate it for an hour. But thicker cuts can be marinated overnight.

Once the meat has marinated, take it out of the fridge and let it get to room temperature. Use your cast iron pan to sear the meat. You can finish it in the oven or just the pan. Use the meat thermometer to check if it is cooked to your desired doneness.

Stuffed Steak

If you’re getting bored with the usual grilled steak, then this Stuffed Flanked Steak with Spinach is what you should cook next. This will surely impress the family or your significant other. It is not only very easy to make, but you can easily customize the filling to your liking.

Make sure to use a mallet to flatten the steak so that it will be easy to roll. Or, you can ask your butcher to butterfly the flank steak so that it will be thinner.

Your spinach stuffing must be cooked first before you can add the rest of the ingredients, namely walnuts and blue cheese. Use a meat thermometer to check if the meat is cooked, and don’t forget to add the chimichurri sauce just before serving!

Slow Cooker Steak

This Slow Cooker Swiss Steak is so easy to prepare as your cooker does most of the cooking. You can do this in the morning as the steak will take at least 8 hours for the meat to become fork tender.

The meat is so flavorful and the gravy that forms during the cooking process is perfect accompaniment. You can eat this with your favorite side dish like mashed potato.

These are just a few of the many ways you can serve steak, but one thing is certain – it will always bring smiles whether it is served as a casual afternoon barbecue or an intimate dinner with family or friends.

A little bit about me…

My name is Catalina Castravet, and I created Sweet and Savory Meals. I am a professional chef and food blogger who is always on the lookouts for tasty and delicious recipes. Over the past 10 years, my team and I have created well over one thousand recipes, starting from quick breakfasts, to delicious dinner meals. All the recipes are shared for free with our beloved followers and readers. Cooking is my love and passion.

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