This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I may receive a small amount for purchases made through these links. Easy New Year's Nails YOU Can Do!I’m not a big makeup person, but I love playing with nail polish. It’s funny, but a little paint on the nails has the power to make any girl feel pretty. Plus, nail polish is an easy way for any girl to change her look without having to worry if it’s the right fit, price, or color. And since today is New Year’s Eve, I’ve gathered a few easy New Year’s nails you can do, right now, before you get your New Year’s party on!

Easy New Year’s Nails ~

Gold & Silver Nails

Festive Gradient @Legally Nailed

This nail look is done with a base of silver metallic polish with a gold metallic polish sponged half-way down the nail. Then, gold glitter is added over the gold polish. I have created this look without a sponge and just used the polish brush to brush on the second color.

Pale pink and glitter nailsEssie….Buy me Cameo @Pshiiit

These nails are done with a pale pink color with fine multi-colored glitter polish applied to the tips. Super simple and can be done in under 15 minutes!

Sparkly Silver New Year's Nails NOTD: Sparkly Silver Holiday Nails @Coffee & Makeup

If you love sparkle, you can’t go wrong with a metallic silver and chunky silver glitter. Dabbing chunky glitter over metallic nail polish will give you nails that shine like a diamond! Love it! This is one of my favorite quick and easy party nail looks.

tumblr_ngjpop0wDA1rqak9yo1_500 Black and Gold

If you prefer a bold contrast look, go for a black and highlight one nail with multi-color gold glitter.

New Year's Eve Manicure

Nail Art: New Year’s Eve Manicure Ideas @The Daily Varnish

This look was done by painting the nails a gold metallic and individually applying black glitter to form the numbers. Simplify this look by using a dotting tool to apply dots of black polish to form the numbers. If you don’t have a dotting tool, use the tip of a pen or toothpick to create dots.

Gold and Silver Glitter Nails

And last is my nail polish for New Year’s Eve (ignore the dry hands). It’s a combo of the first and third look in this round-up. I used a gold metallic base and painted the tips with a metallic silver. Then, I dabbed on chunky silver glitter on the tips. One finger was left entirely silver and completely covered with chunky silver glitter for an extra sparkly look.

Now go and paint your nails! 

Below are a few nail art tools that make nail art easy, my favorite top coat, and an great chunky glitter nail polish. 

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