Need ideas to use boiled eggs from Easter? Here’s a round-up of 30 egg salad recipes to make with leftover boiled eggs.

30 Egg Salad Recipes to Make with Leftover Boiled Eggs

It’s not often that I have leftover boiled eggs because my kids eat boiled eggs as snacks. They can easily go through a dozen boiled eggs in a few days. But just in case you need some ideas on what to do with boiled eggs, here’s a round-up of classic and fancy egg salad recipes that make a tasty meal.

What is Egg Salad

The base of an egg salad is a mixture of boiled eggs, mayonnaise (nowadays Greek yogurt or avocado is substituted), and a bit of mustard. This base mixture can be seasoned with any combination of spices, herbs, and vegetables. The resulting egg salad mixture can be served in lettuce cups, between bread, in potatoes, or eaten as-is.

Egg Salad History

Although many of us think egg salad is a classic American dish, it most likely was either invented in France or Britain after the invention of mayonnaise, in 1756.[1] Unfortunately, there aren’t any definitive records, so it could have been invented elsewhere.

Even though we may never know who was responsible for the invention of egg salad, according to Wikipedia, the first known written egg salad recipe can be found in The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book by Fannie Farmer.

Egg Salads

Eggs are the stars in egg salad recipes, a popular American lunch staple. Egg salad can be served on lettuce, between bread, in a wrap, or over potatoes for an easy delicious meal!


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