2015 Ornament Exchange

It’s the 6th day of the 2015 Ornament Exchange and we’ve already shared over 20 handmade ornament tutorials! If you missed the first few days, you can visit the all of the ornament tutorials and holiday inspiration here. For this ornament exchange, over 80 bloggers were partnered together and given a budget of $10 to swap handcrafted or store bought ornaments. So, if you’re looking for some holiday ornament craft tutorials or ornament inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

2015 Ornament Exchange - Day 6Day 6 and brings us 5 more awesome tutorials and ornament creations.

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DIY Teacup OrnamentMichelle from Our Crafty Mom shows us how to a DIY Teacup ornament. It’s a great way to use old teacups that you find in thrift stores or maybe even damaged cups too!

Deer ornamentChristine from Cherishing A Sweet Life shares her Deer Ornament tutorial. She cross stitched this deer head and created a unique customized ornament.

DIY Robot Christmas OrnamentsMichelle from Weekend Craft shows us her creative genius with her DIY Robot tutorial. It’s made from wood and miscellaneous screws and washers. Absolutely love it!

DIY Snowy Noel OrnamentSherry at Olives-n-Okra shared her DIY Snowy Noel Ornament that combines rustic and glam all into one ornament. She even crocheted the cute little ornament scarf!

DIY Wood Christmas Tree Ornament

Emily from Our House Now a Home shows us how to make a DIY Wood Christmas Tree Ornaments using scrap wood. Perfect for those with little ones because this won’t break like glass ornaments.

Find more fantastic ornament inspiration by heading over to the 2015 Ornament Exchange page to see all the participating bloggers or click on the images below to visit each individual day.

Ornament Exchange Day 1

2015 Ornament Exchange Day 2

ornament exchange day 3

Ornament Exchange - Day 4

2015 Ornament Exchange- Day 5

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