It’s the last week of National Peach Month. To close out the month, I’m sharing over 20 of The Best Peach Pie Recipes!

Ultimate Peach Pie Recipes

Peach pies are a classic summertime dessert. This roundup of over 20 peach pie recipes showcases peach hand pies, classic peach pies, peach and fruit mixed pies, and other unique peach pie combinations.

Many of these peach pie recipes use frozen, canned, or fresh peaches. Of course, if you choose to use fresh peaches, below is a guide to help you choose the ripest peaches for your peach pies or other peach desserts.

Fresh ripe peaches

How to Choose Ripe Peaches

  • Try to buy local peaches. Since most peaches are picked while slightly underripe, buying local ensures the freshest peaches that are picked at peak time.
  • Ripe peaches will have a slightly sweet smell. If you can’t smell anything, it isn’t ripe.
  • Look for a nice vibrant color without signs of green. If you see a green tint, it’s likely not quite ripe.
  • Ripe peaches will have a slight give when squeezing. Note: Peaches are shipped extra cold to halt rippening, so they may feel hard in-stores.

How to Quickly Rippen Peaches

  • To quickly rippen peaches, leave them out on the counter (away from direct sunlight) for 1-2 days. When slightly soft, they are ready to eat. If not eating right away, move the peaches to the fridge to keep up to 5 days.

The BEST Peach Pie Recipes

There are a lot of peach pie recipes to choose from, with countless variations to enhance flavors, textures and presentations. The possibilities to bake or make this fruit delicious in desserts are endless! Which peach pie recipe do you want to make?

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