Bourbon Spiked Lemon Throat Coat Tea Recipe

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I’m participating in another #MovieMondayChallenge, hosted by C’mon Get Crafty! Each month, we decide on a topic, genre, or specific movie to use for inspiration and everyone gets free reign to create something wonderful!

This month’s challenge was fall movies and I chose Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I know it’s not really a ‘fall themed’ movie, but it was a highly anticipated 2017 fall movie, so I’m going with it! Okay, who am I kidding. Truth be told, I chose this movie because it gave me an excuse to buy some Old Forester Bourbon and to create this Spiked Lemon Throat Coat Tea recipe!

About the Kingsman

If you haven’t seen the first Kingsman, I highly suggest you watch the first movie because there are quite a few references and characters that carry over into the second movie. Basically, the first movie introduces the Kingsman as a secret international intelligence agency, whose goal is to keep the world safe while operating from secret bases throughout the UK. Of course, no secret agency is complete without hidden bases and the Kingsman use tailor shops, called Kingsman (duh), as the facade to their secret bases.

Fast forward to the second movie, the majority of the Kingsman have been killed and all of their headquarters destroyed. This forces them to join forces with their American cousins, the Statesman, who hide behind the facade of a bourbon whiskey distillery in Louisville, KY! In fact, Old Forester made a bourbon whiskey just for the movie, which I used as inspiration for this spiked lemon throat coat tea recipe!

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Spiked Lemon Throat Coat Tea

Before I get to the spiked lemon throat coat tea recipe, I want to mention a few things. First, I substituted the Statesman Bourbon Whiskey ($59) seen in the movie with the Signature 100 Proof Bourbon Whiskey ($25) to save a bit of money. The flavor profiles are bit different, so it will taste a little different if using the Statesman Bourbon. Second, I used Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea in this recipe because it’s the perfect tea to warm the body and throat during the cold winter months. Last, if you can get your hands on a bag of sweet li hing mui or white li hing mui to add into this drink, do it! The dried salted plum adds a whole ‘nother level of deliciousness to the drink. Seriously, it’s like a sweet-n-sour salty mix that’s so addictive!



  1. Boil water and add it to an 8 ounce mug with the tea bag, lemon juice, and honey. Steep 10 minutes and remove the tea bag.
  2.  Add the bourbon (use more or less to your taste) and stir.
  3. Optional – Add a cracked seed and garnish with lemon slices.
  4. Sit down and enjoy the cup of spiked lemon throat coat tea.

Bourbon spiked lemon throat coat tea recipe

Now let’s see what everyone created for this month’s #MovieMondayChallenge!! If you’d like to join our Facebook group, you can request an invite here.


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  1. I loved the first movie, much to my surprise. I’m not a “Kill Bill” kind of person, and I def think these movies fit that profile, but loved it. I’m excited to see the second, but even more excited to use your throat coat remedy for the cold I know is coming this fall!!

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