Do you have a candle warmer that you aren’t using? If so, before you go donating it or giving it away, ask yourself this…does your coffee or tea go cold before you finish drinking it? If your answer is yes, I think I have a solution. Repurpose it as a mug warmer. I hear laughing because it sounds crazy, but this works…seriously.You see, I purchased this candle warmer when it was all the rage to have Scentsy parties and everyone had to have a candle warmer. It was fun at first, but it gets really costly to keep buying the wax. Although, I’ve heard that placing laundry scent beads in it will give off a nice smell. I haven’t tried that yet, but maybe I’ll give that a try when I’m done using it to warm my drinks.Anyhow, here is my old candle warmer that was gathering dust.

Repurposed Candle Warmer to Mug Warmer

Your candle warmer may be different from mine, but I just removed the wax collection bowl from the top of the warmer and plopped my cup onto it. It’s important that you have a flat surface to place your mug onto. If your warmer doesn’t have a flat surface for your mug, I wouldn’t recommend you do this.
Now, I no longer have to worry about cold coffee or tea. This keeps my drink warm down to the last drop.
What do think…too crazy?

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  1. I was researching this and thought I’d try for myself. the candle warmer is too low for heating my and keeping my tea and hot chocolate hot. Are there different wattages of them? Maybe that makes a difference.

    1. I don’t know, but I saw one of the “candle warmers” at wal-mart the other day for like, $5.. it’s one of the ones that looks just like a “mug warmer” and i came so close to buying it, but decided not to. i may just go back and get it, as i don’t drink coffee often enough to justify buying one that’s specifically for warming a cup of coffee/tea.

    2. I don’t know about wattages but I use my ceramic stovetop
      To keep my coffee warm while
      I am cooking. I use a stoneware mug and set the temperature at 2 1/2 to 3 on a small burner.
      I also heat my mug beforehand
      With hot water. (We don’t have a microwave)
      Good luck!

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