Have small odd shaped gifts to wrap? Instead of trying to fit them into boxes, try creating your own DIY Gingerbread Paper Bag!

Gingerbread paper bag gift wrap


Christmas is only a few days away! And if you’re still wrapping those last minute gifts, I’m sharing two gingerbread paper bag gift wrap ideas that are perfect for small odd shaped gifts and gift cards.

Gingerbread Paper Bag Gift Wrap

Supplies –

Gingerbread house bag:

  • paper bags
  • scissors
  • white paint pens
  • glitter glue (optional)
  • hole puncher

Gingerbread person bag:

Gingerbread House Bag

Instructions –

Gingerbread paper bag house

Gingerbread paper bag gift wrap bags are so easy to make. Just follow the pictures above to create the house shape and decorate the bag. I used white paint pen and glitter glue to decorate the bags, but you can use color pens, craft paper, and any other embellishments. Once all the decorations are done, just punch two holes at the top, drop the gift in, and add ribbon.

Gingerbread paper bag gift wrap

Gingerbread Person Bag


Gingerbread paper bag gift wrap person

For the gingerbread people bags, I cut off about 2 inches from the tops of the paper bags. Then, I used the gingerbread stencils from Oriental Trading and colored pens to create the outline of gingerbread girls.

Gingerbread paper bag gift wrap peopleTo finish off the bags, I filled in the stencil outlines with my own details, punched two holes, added the gift, and tied a bow on it.
All done!  The gift is ready to be delivered in a cute DIY gingerbread paper bag!

More gingerbread ideas –

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