Happy Saturday! Are you ready to meet Chelc?! Chelc blogs over at Inside the Fox Den and shares her love of interior design and how she is transforming her home on a budget. She has a unique decorating point of view and shares her decorating inspiration on her blog. Let’s meet Chelc…

Chelc at Inside the Fox Den

Q1 – Tell me about yourself and your blog

A1 – I’m an interior designer and I design restaurants and high end homes by day and I renovate my house by night! I purchased a home last summer and I’ve been trying to make it more my style. I create posts based on any and all projects that I’m working on around the house or whatever I’m loving lately, like a recipe or monthly favorites.

Chelc's Home Tour

Q2 – Why did you get into blogging? What inspired you to blog?

A2 – I started my blog as a way for friends and family to come along my adventures in homeowning as well as for them to see what renovations I’m in the middle of. I wanted to give inspiration to my friends who may be in the process of buying a house, or already own a house, and want to renovate but don’t necessarily have the budget to contract it out. You can do so much yourself!

1 Year Blogiversary

Q3 – How long have you been blogging?

A3 – I just celebrated my 1 year blogiversary at the beginning of July! But I’ve only been consistently posting on a regular schedule since the beginning of February.

Q4 – What can readers look forward to seeing on your blog this year? What do you want to teach/share with your readers?

A4 – I have a lot of goals for this next year! Some about the blog in general like growing my social media and redesigning my blog layout, but others like creating video content for my Youtube channel and a series about buying a home in your twenties! There’s also a special Christmas series buzzing around in my brain! 🙂

DIY Honeycomb Wall

Q5 – What is your favorite post you’ve written?

A5 – Probably my favorite post that I’ve written would be my tutorial on how I created my honeycomb accent wall. It was the first big project I did in my home and I’m still so in love with how it turned out!

Q6 – Do you have any advice for a new blogger or someone reading your blog?

A6 – If you’re thinking about starting a blog, stop thinking and take a leap of faith! It may not be a long post or it may just be one, long, run on sentence. But it’s out there! And it’s awesome. And you’re awesome. Keep being awesome, friend! 🙂

Q7 – What are some of your favorite blogs to read and why?

A7 – I read different blogs for different reasons. Some to get stylish OOTD inspiration, some for great recipes, and some for awesome DIY and home decor ideas. I’ll give a few of each category!







Home Decor & DIY

Landing Page


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