It’s time for the second installment of the Craft Room Challenge! Week one was all about cleaning our messy craft surfaces and this week is all about the results and purging, but I’m spending this week building my peg board and paint shelves!

If you missed week one’s mini clean up challenges, below is an image of the daily tasks and a recap of what I’ve done. I managed to do all of the challenges and now have a clean craft table! I also unloaded a bunch of bags that I had in the dining area and was able to group ‘like’ craft items together, which has allowed me to see how much of each item I have and think of ideas on how I want to store each item.

2018 Craft Room Challenge

Craft Room Challenge Week 1 Recap & Accomplishments


  • Craft items are not grouped together and organized
  • Not enough functional storage area
  • Hard to find items in stacked unlabeled containers
  • No storage for large stencils
  • Work area is too small
  • No task lighting


  • Create a large wall peg board
  • Add shelves for paint bottles
  • Create a place to store large stencils
  • Group similar craft items together
  • Create a larger craft table with storage
  • Label craft containers
  • Add lighting

Here are some sneak peeks of my craft room challenge accomplishments…

It still looks pretty rough, but I’ve cleared off the huge pile that was on the table, bought two new storage cubbies, will be patching the wall, and hung up all my stencils. 

Craft room challenge collage

Craft Room Challenge Week 2 Goals – 

  • Create a large wall peg board storage. You can see the final build here>>>EASY FRAMED PEG BOARD.
  • Add shelves for paint bottles. See shelves in the Craft Room Reveal.
  • Label craft containers
  • Add lighting

For the rest of the week 2, I plan to take inspiration from the craft rooms listed below.

Now let’s meet the rest of the messy craft room gang! Make sure you check out their spaces too! We all have different spaces and challenges, so you might find ideas/tips to fit your area!

Craft Room Challenge - Week 2 Host Updates

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  1. I love what you’ve accomplished so far and I really can’t wait to see your peg board solution next week. I have seen so many fab ideas and I was thinking about getting one, too, when I have a dedicated craft room one day.