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We’re ready to unroll with the Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper! Are you?! Let me show you how to avoid the empty toilet paper bar with a toilet paper basket & bar tutorial.

How to Avoid the Empty Toilet Paper Bar

A few weeks ago, I showed a real life photo of my kids’ messy bathroom on the blog. While the kids are getting better at chipping in to keep their bathroom clean, there is still one thing that they still struggle with……………….replacing the empty toilet paper rolls!

Empty Toilet Paper
I know everyone can relate to these pictures…especially moms.

Yes, the struggle to keep toilet paper on the dispenser bar is real! And with six people in our home, finding empty toilet paper rolls in the bathroom was a common occurrence. I would find empty rolls everywhere…on the bar, on the floor, and even used as a shelf under a new roll. Although, finding empty rolls and bars in the bathroom was becoming one of my biggest pet peeves, I have to take part of the blame. Our small downstairs bathroom doesn’t have any storage and the kids had to trek upstairs to the laundry room for a replacement. I needed a solution to the empty bar and tubes all over the bathroom.#ScottTubeFree at TargetThen, during one of my weekly trips to Target, I found  Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper. I was so excited and knew it could help me tackle my bathroom pet peeve. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and helps keep 17 billion tubes out of the trash, which is enough to fill the Empire State Building twice!Toilet Paper Basket & bar

Now that I tossed the tubes for good, it was time to have some fun and introduce the tube-free toilet paper to the family. I needed to help them keep the bathroom tube-free and always stocked with toilet paper. To do this, I created a toilet paper basket to keep rolls within easy reach and a fun dispenser bar to remind them to replace rolls.

How to Avoid the Empty Toilet Paper Bar –
Got Toilet Paper

Since there aren’t any tubes, I knew the toilet paper bar would be seen at the end of the roll. I thought it would be fun to create a “Got toilet paper?” sticker for the toilet paper bar.


  • Toilet paper bar
  • Silhouette machine, vinyl, and transfer paper


  • Choose a font style on Silhouette and size it to fit the toilet paper bar.
  • Apply it to the bar using transfer paper.
  • To ensure the sticker is seen, repeat these steps and apply another sticker to the other side of the bar.

Tip – Measure the bar when it’s installed in the toilet paper holder. I forgot to do this and when I inserted the bar into the holder, part of the “P” was covered when it was compressed.We're-ready-to-unroll-steps

Next, to help keep the toilet paper within easy reach, I created a basket to hold all the toilet paper with the saying “We’re Ready to UnRoll!”. I thought it was a fun play on words and it fit with the new tube-free toilet rolls.


  • round 4″ wood chalkboard piece
  • twine
  • 2 wire twist ties
  • chalk paint pen
  • Silhouette machine, vinyl, & transfer paper
  • Woven fabric basket

We're ready to UnRoll! Basket


  • Draw spiraling circles on the round chalkboard piece to mimic toilet paper.
  • Choose a font on Silhouette and size it to fit the chalkboard piece.
  • Apply the sticker with transfer paper onto the chalkboard piece.
  • Make a knot in the twine and pull it through the front of the chalkboard piece.
  • Attach the twine to the basket using the wire twist ties (see image). Twist the wire ends to secure the twine to the basket. Do this twice – once behind each knot.
  • Finish by pulling the twine through the second hole and tie into a knot.


Ta-da! I now have a toilet paper basket that can sit right next to the toilet with a fun toilet paper bar. The kids love having the Scott Naturals tube-free rolls within easy reach and are getting a kick out of my weird sense of humor. And the best part…no more empty toilet paper bar or tubes in the bathroom!

Are you ready to go tube-free? 

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  1. i like your sense of humor im going to try this at home lets see how it will end up i hope no one think that im crazy

  2. This is genius!! I am so sick of being stuck pants down and no toilet paper…happens quite often in our big family lol. May have to implement this one!!

  3. Oh I experienced toilet paper on a shelf this morning! Such a great idea so thank you for saving us all from the dreaded toilet paper roll – I always seem to get it. Thanks for linking up with us at #AnythingGoes

  4. HaHa! Out family of seven always had empty toilet paper rolls on the bar. You’ve come up with a good solution. I love the “Got Toilet Paper” message!

  5. What a great idea to do this. My kids are still small and does not yet make a big mess with toilet paper rolls. Hopefully, that will help your kids bathroom stayore organized.

  6. This is AMAZING…toilet paper without that annoying cardboard roll and the game! I always seem to use the bathroom when there are two squares left!

  7. Cute idea! If I had enough room in my toilet I would do this, kids are really bad at replacing toilet rolls!

  8. I really like the idea of tubeless toilet paper! I love your sense of humor! With the tp in a basket, there can be no over or under debate!
    I simply must ask Santa for a Silhouette!

  9. Love your TP basket! I gave up on anyone ever replacing the toilet paper years ago. I now have stainless steel baskets that hold the tissue. It’s right at hand and no one has to replace that roll. Great job!

  10. I feel your pain when it come to this bathroom issue! I’m surprise that a roll free tp hasn’t been produces before this. Wow. And your little joke? Priceless 🙂