Raise Love for Ronald McDonald House Charities by doing what you love! I started a Raise Love #forRMHC Craft-a-thon!

Raise Love #forRMHC Craft-a-thon

Hi Pinterventurers! If you haven’t read my ‘about me‘ page, you probably did’t know that I was born with a cleft palette. While this wasn’t a life threatening medical condition for me, I did have many surgeries when I was a young child to fix it. I don’t remember a lot, but I do remember the hospital being a scary and sometimes lonely place for me. So, when I was asked to help Raise Love for RMHC, I was excited to start my first RMHC online fundraiser to help raise funds for families with sick children.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what is the Raise Love for RMHC all about and how does this work, right? Well, let me break it down…

What will Raise Love #forRMHC do?

Since 1974, Ronald McDonald House Charities has helped provide stability and resources for families with sick children in more than 64 countries and regions around the world. They help alleviate the financial strain on families with sick children by providing housing that is near their hospitalized child, helps alleviate some of the financial burdens for families staying in another city, and provides basic medical and dental care for communities in need.

What is the Raise Love #forRMHC goal?

Last year, RMHC helped provide 2.4 million overnight stays to families with a sick child.  This year, RMHC is asking each of us to start a fundraiser doing what we love to provide an additional 12,500 more overnight stays for families in need by the end of 2017. This way, families with a sick child can spend more time together, be closer to the doctors, and be near their child when important decisions need to be made.

How can you help Raise Love #forRHMC and start a fundraiser?


RMHC juggling balls

You can do ANYTHING family-friendly that you love to help Raise Love for RMHC! It really is that simple! Love to bake? Host a bake sale. Maybe you want to try juggling? Ask your friends to donate a certain amount for every successful juggling round. Love exercising? Ask friends to donate for every hour you exercise. To start your own Raise Love #forRMHC fundraiser, follow these steps:

  1. Choose something you love to do.
  2. Set a goal.
  3. Share your fundraiser with family and friends!

What I’m doing to Raise Love #forRMHC?

Raise love #forrmhc Craft-a-thon

Okay, so I’m not going to lie. I was a bit terrified at the prospect of starting an online fundraiser, but it was so easy! I just headed to Raise Love fundraiser page and clicked the big yellow ‘start a fundraiser’ tab on the right. In fact, can you believe the hardest part was deciding what I wanted to do? So, want to know how I’m going to Raise Love #forRMHC?

Raise Love #forRMHC craft-a-thon supplies

I’m doing a Raise Love #forRMHC Craft-a-thonI am doing what I love, which is being creative, but I need your help! For every donation made, I plan on sharing a fun kid-friendly craft or recipe on the blog!

Raise Love #forRMHC Craft-a-thon rice supplies

I already have a few fun ideas up my sleeve. Can you guess what these things will become?

Raise Love #forRMHC Craft-a-thon pumpkin

How about this one? What creative kid-friendly craft can I make with a foam pumpkin and googly eyes?

Even if you aren’t a crafter, I hope you consider making a donation to the Raise Love #forRMHC Craft-a-thon. A small donation of $1 to $5 can help. Together, we can help keep families together and help RMHC meet their goal of 12,500 additional overnight stays. Because sometimes, the best medicine for a sick child is the hugs and kisses of family.

Donate to the Raise Love #forRMHC Craft-a-thon

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