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 5/15/17 Sverve is now Activate by Bloglovin.

What is Sverve?

It’s my favorite way to connect with brands for paid online marketing opportunities. There are over 250 businesses using Sverve to connect with influencers (bloggers). Great right! Well, there’s more…it also helps influencers, us bloggers, network with other influencers, share helpful tips with each other, and endorse each other. It’s like a giant blogging community that can be a fabulous blogging resource.

How does it work?

  • Unlike many brand/blogging services, Sverve lets you choose 5 areas of influence that you blog about (I wasn’t sure about this when I first signed up and repeated some of my choices, so pick wisely and make each one different, but something you blog about).
  • Your peers and readers can help you increase your Sverve “score” by endorsing you, so make sure you have the Sverve badge on your site.
  • Share your latest quality posts on your Sverve page.
  • Follow, share, and endorse fellow Influencers.

Your Influence score will be generated by the endorsements you receive, the type of the content you create, and what you share with others. Your areas of influence score increases when other Influencers endorse you in your chosen areas and your overall score increases as more people like, favorite, and share your tips that you post on Sverve.

The best way to increase your Influencer score is to share, follow, and connect with other Influencers on Sverve. As you get more endorsements in your 5 areas of influence, your overall score will start to rise. A higher overall score is more likely to qualify you for a campaign, grab the attention of brands, and get you hired. *Most paid campaigns ask for a minimum score of 50*.


How to get started?

1. Sign up for Sverve as an Influencer, which is FREE, and start to build your profile.

Influencer Sign Up
2. Enter your blog information: blog url, monthly unique visitors, monthly total visitors, and page views. Then, choose 5 areas of influence that you think represents your blog. This is one of the best things about Sverve because most marketing companies only allow you to choose two areas of influence for your blog. The added areas of influence really helps brands understand what your blog is really about and to ensure the campaigns you receive are a good fit for your blog.
Areas of influence

Enter your blog’s basic stats and areas of influence or what you think your blog is all about.3. Complete your profile.

Basic Profile
Basic Profile Page

4. Once this is done, you’ll come to a “Welcome” page where you can explore different campaigns that fit your blog and continue to tweak your profile and account info. Your account info is really important as it will help brands and Sverve gauge your social media and blogging influence. Your profile info page will show you a snap shot of your areas of influence, blog info, any tips you have shared, social stats, and campaign stats.

Social Media Info
After the “Welcome” page, continue to complete your profile by linking all of your social media platforms and any other information.

How do you network and support other Influencers?

  • Look for the Sverve badge on a blogger’s site, click on it, and endorse them if you like their blog.
  • Favorite and share posts from other bloggers on Sverve.
  • Follow other Sverve members.

If you see this button in the sidebar of a blog, click on it and help endorse your fellow blogger. Clicking on this badge will take you to their profile page, where you can endorse them to help increase their Sverve score.  Many times they will return the favor.

**If you have the badge, make sure it goes to your profile page and not the main Sverve page. I’ve run across several badges that don’t go to a profile page and I have to search Sverve for your profile**

Shared Tips

After you’ve endorsed your fellow Influencer, scroll down their profile page and take a look at their “shared tips”. This looks a lot like a Pin board and is a snapshot of what that Influencer has posted and shared. Often times it will be a mix of their own posts and posts from other Influencers…again a lot like Pinterest.  If you like what you see, like, comment, favorite or share it. This can also help increase their overall Sverve score and is greatly appreciated.

You can even follow other Sverve members. Just click on their name and it will take you to their profile page. Click on the orange follow button in the top right corner and you’ll be able to see their posts on the main page.


I know it might sound a bit confusing, but Sverve is one of the most organized dashboards ever and super easy to navigate. It’s one of the best ways to not only connect with brands, but to connect and support other bloggers. Are you ready to join? Click on the Sverve button to start today.

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  1. Thank you for the great tips! How do we get to share our blog posts on there?! I am having a hard time figuring that out!! Thanks!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the great post. I recently starting using Sverve and am loving it! It think it is great and I am glad you are sharing this with others. I will head on over to your Sverve account and share some Sverve love!

  3. Sverve is so confusing! I have had one for forever but haven’t used it because I don’t feel it is user friendly enough to make me want to spend my time there. This helped simplify things, and it’s too late now but I plan on trying to figure it out in the morning! Thank you so much for such a helpful post!

  4. Thank you for this great information! I am a member of Sverve however since signing up I have not spent much time using it. I didn’t realize it can be very beneficial.

  5. Thank you for the information. You are great at illustrating! This is something for me to consider in the future. Great article.