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*This is a sponsored post for Dawn and Double Duty Divas. All opinions are my own.*

I’m sure you’ve heard of DAWN dish soap, the soap that cuts grease in the sink. But did you know that it does so much more than just dishes? It can clean greasy surfaces throughout your home, pre-treat laundry stains, clean greasy tools, help save wildlife, and more. Think DAWN Beyond the Sink! It can be your ultimate grease fighting weapon for your entire home and beyond!

Dawn Beyond the Sink

Being a mom of 4 kids, nothing in the house stays clean for long…nothing. This is especially true in the kitchen. Since my kids are older, the kitchen appliance they use most often is the microwave. They are constantly warming up leftovers, melting butter for popcorn, or making some type of microwavable snack. Now, while I love that they are more self-sufficient, it also means the microwave gets the most kitchen action and gets the dirtiest too!

DAWN Beyond the Sink! How to Easily Clean the Microwave

Greasy microwave

Exhibit A – the dirty microwave after only a week of use. Do you see all that grease and grime splattered all over the microwave? YUCK!

I don’t know why, but I always think that one of those food particles will end up in my morning tea. So it’s definitely time for a cleaning. Cleaning with DAWN

Now, you may be tempted to use a spray cleaner, but DON’T DO IT! I’ve done this before and there is something in those cleaners that can cause the microwave to break. I’m not kidding, I went through two microwaves before I figured out that the spray cleaners were causing my microwaves to malfunction.

But never fear because DAWN makes cleaning the microwave so easy! Just a squirt of DAWN liquid, a sponge, and warm water helps me get rid of any  grease and grime splatter. Just dampen the sponge with some warm water, squirt a drop of DAWN dish soap on it, scrub, and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel. You’ll be amazed at how easily the grease and grime comes off.

After DAWN Cleaning

Isn’t that amazing! In fact, DAWN does such an amazing job that I can even see a clear reflection of the DAWN dish soap bottle in my clean microwave door!

Whew! Now, I feel so much better knowing that no bits of food or grease will be dropping into my morning cup of tea or anything else for that matter.

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  1. Thank you for your opinion Erlene but I think that we can save so much money just by doing things ourselves. It’s also fun and I guess it’s the way how to stay creative and teach your children the same 🙂
    I’ve never trusted cleaners. And even if they say that there are no chemicals, I don’t believe it so I better make my own sprays and find other ways to get things done. For cleaning the microwave I use a bowl of water and half of a lemon. Sometimes I just put in a mug of water and let the water warm up the place. And after that when I take out a mug I can clean the microwave. And it’s cleaner faster than using different cleaners on a dry surface. And yes, from time to time to clean the microwave even more I use that lemon and sometimes even onion. And it’s cheap and easy

  2. My worst kitchen cleaning job is definitely baked on mac and cheese! My kids love it and I make it all the time but it is a nightmare to clean!

  3. My absolute worst cleaning job is taking a step back and letting my boys do it and learn. I die at how my son washes dishes! Other than that its the floors that are the worst. I dont even know how they get so dirty but somehow they do every single day!

  4. I hate cleaning pans that anything gets baked or broiled in. It really is just a gross. tough job getting them clean.

  5. My oven and or microwave are the worst cleaning jobs in my kitchen for sure!!! It is impossible to get that grime off with traditional cleansers….. if this works, it is worth it for sure! I will give it a try and Thank You for the fabulous review!

  6. I would have to say it’s a toss-up between the refrigerator and the oven, but since I use the fridge every day and have to look at it, that is the tie-breaker.

  7. Mine is inside the fridge and microwave. If I do not keep up with weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, it can get really messy and hard to clean.

  8. When I was little, my Mother used to squirt Dawn in our mouths when we got caught saying a bad word. It makes me smirk every time I wash the dishes.
    The fan over the stove is my kitchen nemesis. Ugh it gets so gross!

  9. The microwave I left for the weekend my son heated up lasagna without covering it.When I came home 3 days later it was hardened .Dawn worked better then I can even say! I use dawn for every thing !

  10. Spaghetti and lasagna are 2 of the messy things from my kitchen. They end up all over the counter tops and pans , etc.. I hate cleaning up after them.

  11. I don’t know why it’s so difficult, but I hate cleaning out the fridge! It’s so hard to get everything out, there must be a wonder rag out there that I don’t know about.

  12. My worst is baked on grime on baking dishes. I have learned to soak them in extremely hot water and Dawn. It melts away the grimy mess. Sometimes it will need repeating 2-3 times, but it always takes off the grime! I always buy Dawn!!!!! It is a powerhouse!

  13. I was making apples, brown sugar and cinnamon and I went to answer the phone and came back and it was boiling all over the stovetop. It was a mess.

  14. in my teens i was the dishwasher at a greek restaurant, a truck stop, and a fine dining restaurant, and once in my adult life i was a dishwasher in THE busiest family restaurant i have ever seen, i’ve seen it all and then some!!

  15. I despise cleaning the stove-top and the microwave! Dawn is the only thing that works for me! I use it for so many different things! I clean my kitchen (from top to bottom), also use it to keep my paintbrushes & other art supplies clean, makeup brushes, and I can not stress enough about how much it works for killing fleas! I bathe my fur-babies in it and the fleas instantly die. I’m not sure what it is about the Dawn dish washing liquid but it works wonders for fleas. My fur-babies have had a time with them this year and it seems like our yard is just infested with them. We have sprayed and sprayed and think we have finally have it under control but from time to time our dogs get them when they go through the woods in the back of our property. They are inside dogs, so they bring them in. I place a small bowl with a few drops of Dawn and some water on the floor and the next morning the fleas are in the bowl dead. It really works!

  16. I adore William-Somona and would adore this set!

    So hope to win and inspire my holiday cooking (really any cooking has a need to be inspired)!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Ava Roxanne @SpaTravelGal

  17. I hate doing dishes. It’s the worst thing ever. Our dishwasher doesn’t work at all. So, we have to hand wash them and it’s horrendous.

  18. Cleaning the oven is my most dreaded kitchen cleaning task! I put if off way too long.
    Did you know that you can bathe a cat with blue Dawn to kill fleas? The Vet had my daughter do that this summer when she adopted a kitten with fleas. Good to know!