It’s time to start prepping for Valentine’s Day! If you’re planning any type of gathering, here’s a free Valentine’s Day I Spy Game and an exclusive subscriber’s only Word Duos game for 2022!

Valentine's Day I Spy Game Printable

There are two versions of this Valentine’s Day I Spy Game. The harder version does not list the number of each hidden item, while the easier version does. To play the hard version, players should write down the number of each image in the blank boxes. The person who finishes first with the correct answers is the winner. To play the easy version, players should find the number of each image and cross it out. The person who finds all the items first is the winner.

Click on the image or link below to get the free Valentine’s Day I Spy Game. These are for personal use and should not be copied or sold.

Valentine's Day I Spy Game Clickable

Download the Valentine’s Day I Spy Game

Become a My Pinterventures email subscriber and get this exclusive subscribers only Valentine’s Word Duos + Tic-Tac-Toe game and more exclusive subscriber only printables. To play the word duos game, players will have to match common word duos to win.

Valentine's Day Word Duos Game

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoy the FREE Valentine’s Day I Spy Game! And don’t forget to check out more Valentine’s Day ideas below.

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