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Thrift Store Swap

Remember last week when I shared my Thrift Store Swap – Patriotic Star Wreath? Well, it’s time to share my second Thrift Store Swap transformation! If you aren’t familiar with a Thrift Store Swap, you can read about it here.

Before jewelry tree stand

Here is the second item that was sent to me by Kim at Made In A Day. It’s a wooden thing-a-ma-jig with hooks, which just so happens to look like the perfect jewelry tree stand.

Jewelry tree stand repair

First, excuse the extremely dry hands…eek, someone pass the lotion. Okay, now that you’ve got a nice close up of my desert hands, let’s move on. There were a few things that needed to be fixed before the transformation – the bottom base came apart from the rest of the piece and there was a crack under the top base that needed to be glued for stability. Once the piece was repaired with wood glue, I sanded the entire piece and attempted to paint it with chalk paint. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the paint streaks from the chalk paint. I also forgot to cover the hooks with tape, which is a step that needed to be done since I didn’t want the hooks painted. Grrr…a small set back, but nothing sandpaper and spray paint couldn’t fix.

Jewelry Tree Stand Paint

After about six light coats of semi-gloss white paint (yes, six!), I finally got the look I was aiming for – slick & shiny!


Even with six coats of paint, there were still a few places that needed some hand painting. To do this, I sprayed some paint into an old can cover and used a small brush to touch up missed areas.

Plain jewelry tree stand

Amazing how a good coat of paint can transform an item. I love the new look, but it was a little too short for my necklaces – boo!

jewelry tree stand

But it was the perfect size for storing my daughter’s collection of bracelets – yay!

Jewelry Tree Stand

Want to join the next Thrift Store Swap? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Yes, a coat, or a few coats, of paint really make a transformation, don’t they! It’s perfect for bracelets! The thrift store swap project seems to always be fun.

  2. This looks great, Erlene! A fresh coat of paint can change anything! This thrift store swap is such a fun concept! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.