Any time is a good time to serve a pink drink, so I’ve put together the ultimate pink cocktails list with over 55 pretty pink drinks to try.

The Ultimate Pink Cocktails List with over 50 pretty pink drinks

It’s said that the color pink has a calming effect and is associated with love and kindness.[1] That’s probably the reason pink drinks draw me in, especially pink cocktails. There’s just something charming about a pink cocktail that radiates positive energy and can put a smile on your face.

If you love pink cocktails, this summer drink list is for you! This ultimate pink cocktails list has an assortment of cocktail flavors and a range of pink hues. You’ll find pink sangrias, margaritas, lemonades, strawberry mimosas, and many more pink cocktails to serve at weddings, showers, spring parties, summer barbecues, or any other occasion. But just in case you want non-alcohol pink drinks, I made a round-up of 50 Pretty Pink Drinks that anyone can drink!

50 of The Best Pretty Pink Cocktails

Which pink cocktail recipe do you want to try? Let me know in the comments below!


[1] The Color Psychology of Pink Retrieved May 15, 2022

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