It’s been just about a month since the teens have gotten out of school and they’ve been eating us out of house and home. They are constantly hungry and looking for things to shove into their bottomless tummies, so I’m always on the look out for quick and easy lunch ideas. If you’re in my boat too, here are 15 Teen Summer Lunch Ideas that your teen(s) can make to satisfy their hunger pains.

15 Teen Summer Lunch Ideas that are easy to make

15 Teen Summer Lunch Ideas

If there’s one thing I know, hungry teens will make their meals if the recipe takes little effort. So these 10 teen summer lunch ideas all fit the ‘quick-n-easy’ bill and can be made by any teen or mom/dad in a pinch.

Quick Meal Prep Tips

To make meal prep easier for teenagers ~

  • Pre-cook ground hamburger, chicken (store-bought rotisserie chicken works too), bacon, and ground sausage for quick pizzas, quesadillas, dips, quiches, and more.
  • Stock up on sausages for quick rice and sausage meals. My kids love Portuguese sausage and I always have it stocked in the fridge for quick egg, rice, and Portuguese sausage meals.
  • Have various cold cuts (canned meats work too) and cheeses for quick sandwiches or sliders.
  • Stock up on ramen noodles and thin-cut beef/pork (usually found in Asian stores) for quick and hearty noodle meals. Another great addition to ramen noodles is gyoza. I make them in bulk and freeze, but to save time, buy store-bought.
  • Keep boiled eggs in the fridge for snacking, sandwiches, and to add to ramen.
  • Buy bagels, thick slice bread, tortillas, pre-made pizza dough for quick pizzas and open face sandwiches.

15 Summer Teen Lunch Ideas

Instant Foods My Teens Enjoy…

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant noodles is an Indonesian spicy noodle with so much flavor. It’s meant to be served without soup and comes with a soy sauce base, oil/garlic, and chili sauce to flavor the noodles. Serve with a side of over easy egg and some veggies for a complete meal.

Miso is another item my kids enjoy eating. I usually have miso paste, dashi, firm tofu, and wakame to make fresh miso, but if you want a quicker way use instant.

Since we usually have leftover rice, I always have Ochazuke packets in the panty. Just add rice to a bowl, top with an Ochazuke packet, and hot water for instant rice soup.

Gyoza or potstickers are another great item to keep handy. These can be added to ramen, soups, or eaten fried. Makes a great side dish or snack.

If you have more tips for quick teen meals, leave them in the comments below!

More Lunch Ideas…

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  1. Looking at the salad recipes, thanks for mentioning the tuna recipe. I am pinning a few. We are having a heat wave here and reach 114! Southern Cali is crispy hot this week!