Have a teen that is too old for the traditional cute Easter baskets? Instead, create a teen candy Easter basket with their favorite candies and treats!


Teen Candy Easter BasketIt’s kind of a tradition for most to give kids cute Easter baskets filled with their favorite candies and toys. I’m no different and loved seeing my kids’ eyes open wide when they would see their Easter baskets. Alas, time marches on and my kids are now full blown teens that are ‘too cool’ for babyish Easter baskets. So instead of a traditional Easter basket, I’m starting a new tradition and giving each of my kids a teen candy Easter basket filled their favorite treats.

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Teen Candy Easter Basket


  • 5 boxes of candy
  • assortment of other candies
  • wide tape (Duct tape or packing tape)
  • double sided tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • plastic Easter eggs
  • Easter grass
  • newspaper
  • cardboard
  • pen
  • glue gun/glue sticks

How to:

Teen Candy Easter Basket boxes

  • Lay the candy boxes in a horizontal row.
  • Add tape between each box.
  • Stand the boxes up and add tape to create a pentagon shape.

Bottom of the teen candy Easter Basket


  • Add glue to the bottom of the candy boxes and place on top of the cardboard.
  • Cut around the candy boxes to trim away any excess cardboard.


Easter basket filling

  • Add some crumpled newspaper inside to help fill the bottom and add some Easter grass.

Teen Candy Easter Basket


  • Fill the teen candy Easter basket with various candies. Keep the tall items towards the back and fill the front with smaller candies. I used long packaged candy to make bunny ears.
  • Use double sided tape to help secure items in place if needed.

My oldest got a sneak peek at this basket and she loved it. I can’t wait to give my son his teen candy Easter basket since he LOVES candy.

Hope you enjoyed this fun Easter craft and try making one for your teen (or any loved one).

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  1. What a great idea. I have never seen this before. I think we finally stopped giving baskets to our kids when our grandson was born, but seriously if they were around even in their 20s they appreciated a basket of goodies. But a basket made of goodies is all that much better!

  2. Erlene – this is such a clever idea! I don’t have any teens, but I can easily see how these “Candy Baskets” would be a huge hit ! Great tutorial – it always helps when there are clear cut instructions to make things easier!

  3. Now that my girls are grown I miss making Easter baskets for them. Once they became teens, they started getting all sorts of things like a new swim suit or t-shirt. I still have the Easter basket I used every year for my baby girl! Candy is the best in any Easter basket!

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