Are you ready for a fun paper craft? Today, I’m sharing a super easy Spring Cupcake Liner Flower Garland. Spring Cupcake Liner Flower Garland
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This Spring Cupcake Liner Flower Garland cost me a dollar to make. Everything except for the dollar store cupcake liners came from my craft stash!

Spring Cupcake Liner Flower Garland


  • Cupcake liners
  • String
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Washi Tape(s)

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How to:

Cutting the Flowers

Spring Cupcake liner flower garland flowers
  • Flatten out 8-10 cupcake liners and staple in the middle.
  • Fold the liners in half to make a half circle. Cut a slit in the two folded side edges just until you reach the edge of the cupcake liner bottom.
  • Fold the liners in half again into a pie shape and cut the uncut edge to the liner bottom.
  • Open the cupcake liner to the half circle. There should be cuts on the side and center of the liner. Next, evenly space out two more cuts between the side and center cuts. There should be seven cuts total.

Shaping the Flowers

Spring cupcake liner flower garland flower shaping

  • Open the liners up back to a circle.
  • With the printed side facing up, take the top liner and scrunch/pinch it up to the center. Repeat this with each liner to form a flower. Make as many cupcake liner flowers as needed.
    • Tip – Only pinch near the bottom or near the stapler. This will keep the flower edges nice and crisp.

Putting it Together

Spring cupcake liner flower garland loops

  • Measure out the length of string needed to make your garland. Tie loops on the ends to hang the garland.
  • Glue one cupcake liner flower to each end of the string and one in the center.
    • Tip – I do this while the garland string is hanging in place. This gives me a better idea of where to place the flowers as rope tends to twist out of place when laying flat.
    • Tip – Unless the flower backs are resting against something (wall or shelf), they will tip forward. So, if you are hanging in a place where there is no back support, make a complete cupcake ball by gluing the cupcake flowers back to back.
  • For the center flower, make a separate string loop. Cut and glue onto the back of the cupcake flower.

Spring cupcake liner flower garland washi tape flags

  • To fill in the space between each cupcake liner flower, fold strips of washi tape around the string. I made strips about 5 inches long, which left me with 2 1/2″ washi tape ‘flags’.  The length of your garland will determine how many washi tape ‘flags’ to place evenly on the string.
  • Cut a chevron shape at the end of each washi tape ‘flag’.

Spring Cupcake Liner Flower Garland

Super easy, right?! The spring cupcake liner flower garland is done and ready to hang!

Spring cupcake liner flower garland on shelf

I paired it with another craft stash item, a mini pom pom trim, to complete the look. My dining area vignette isn’t quite done yet, but I think it’s off to a good start.

I hope you enjoyed this super easy project. I love these cupcake liner flowers so much that I plan on doing more projects with them, so stay tuned!

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  1. You cannot beat the price and they are super cute. I think I may adapt this idea for my grandson’s 13th birthday party this weekend. It’s fun and creative!

  2. Your garland is pretty, Erlene. It looks great with your other Easter items for your vignette. Your craft tutorials are always so detailed, making them easy to follow. I love that. Seeing your giant egg on the shelf again makes me smile. He’s so adorable. It’s all coming together for a festive vignette.

  3. These are as sweet as can be. Nice and easy and they add just the right amount of color for Spring.

  4. Erlene, This is a wonderfully creative idea! Easy like tissue paper flowers, but so much more colorful using the pretty cupcake liners. Perfect for a pretty spring flower garland and I can think of some other uses too! Great project. Pinning to share.