Simple Hurricane Snowman

Last week I posted pictures of our early Christmas tree, but I didn’t post the entire reason why our tree was up so early. The real reason it’s up so early is because of a deal I made with my youngest daughter, who is also my little shadow. I told her we could decorate the tree if we saw any Christmas decorations in our neighborhood. Wouldn’t you know it, on a trip to the Dollar store, someone had a huge lighted tree on their roof! Funny how these things never work in my favor, but a deal was a deal and out came our tree.

Our tree sits very close to the front entrance and with the new mini makeover it looked great. However, our entry table didn’t. Sitting on it were three out of season hurricane candle holders.They each vary in height and look like this…

Simple Hurricane Snowman

Normally the hurricanes are filled with sea shells, but I wanted to create cute snowmen. Since I spent money on our mini tree makeover, I wanted to use what I already had on hand. Here are the supplies I started with…
  • polyester fiber fill (you can use plain white paper or cotton balls)
  • saran wrap
  • glass hurricanes
  • wine bottle hat & scarf toppers (you can substitute colored paper or fabric)
  • plastic pick
  • small rubber band
  • black pen (optional)
  • white paper (optional)
  • one or more eager children (optional, but fun to have)

After dumping out all the sea shells, fill each hurricane with polyester fill and replace the top. If you don’t have fiber fill, you can use cotton balls, white beans, or even plain printer paper. The possibilities are endless. Here is what it looks like after it is filled.

polyester fill
Next, tie the bottle scarf near the top of the hurricane. You can substitute the bottle scarf with holiday fabric, construction paper, or even ribbon.

Here comes the fun part. To make the snowman head, you’ll need Saran wrap, polyester fill, and the rubber band. First, cut off a large piece of Saran wrap. Large enough to wrap around a large handful of polyester fill and make into a large ball.

My 10yr. old wrapping the Saran wrap around the polyester fill and securing it with a small rubber band.
 *You can also use white Christmas balls or Styrofoam balls for the head.

Place the snowman head on top of your hurricane candle holder and insert the pick into it. Leave enough of the pick sticking up to place your bottle hat onto.

Close up of bento food pick.
Food pick tip inserted into polyester fill ball.
To finish off the snowman, just place the bottle hat onto the food pick. Wallah! You’ve got a super fast and simple snowman.
Simple Hurricane Snowman
I left my snowmen plain, but you can dress them up any way you want.
Substitution picture:
If you don’t have polyester fill, you can use printer paper as an alternative for the snowman body. You can even draw on buttons.
Simple Hurricane Snowman
Hope you have fun making these cute Hurricane Snowmen.

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas - Dollar Store Crafts 2017

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