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As a young child, my grandmother always made sure that we took a bath before we went to bed. She would use a Japanese nylon scrubbing cloth to wash us clean every night. The cloth felt like a million little scrubber brushes working hard to clean all the dirt off your skin. I remember looking forward to bath time because I loved how fresh and clean I felt after being scrubbed with this cloth. Nylon scrub towel

So naturally, when I had kids, I passed on the tradition of nightly baths and washing with the Japanese nylon scrubbing cloths. Of course, it was easy to have clean little kids when I had total control and bath time was another form of play time.

Sadly, time marches on and my kids are not so little any longer. I now have teen boys and girls. While my girls still love taking a nightly bath, my teen boys don’t. Why? I have no idea! They rather fall asleep on their beds (or the sofa) and let the clean sheets absorb their “man boy stink”. Pee-eww!

Case in point, my youngest son didn’t even make it to bed after a long day of play. He fell asleep on the sofa still wearing his outdoor play clothes! Guess the sofa covers are getting washed tomorrow. Sleeping-ChildAnyway, I may be partly to blame for my boys avoiding the shower. You see, I’ve been buying sweet soaps that smell like sugar and spice, and everything nice…something that my boys prefer not to smell like.

Boy's don't want to smell like a bunch of flowers #MySignatureMove

Since my boys prefer to smell like young men and not a bunch of flowers, especially around their young lady friends, I knew it was time to get them their own soaps. Luckily for me, I found the new Irish Spring Signature line at Walmart in the Health and Beauty Department.

Irish Spring Signature Soap #MySignatureMove

Now that my boys have a “manly” smelling soap, which they love, I decided to make a scrubbing soap saver from one of our nylon wash cloths. This soap saver not only helps to keep their new favorite soap from getting soft and mushy but helps keeps our family bath time tradition going too! Plus, I know that the combination of the new Irish Spring Signature for Men soap is working hard with the soap saver to make sure all the dirt and “man boy stink” is getting scrubbed away.

Scrubbing Soap Saver Tutorial


  • Nylon wash cloth
  • Nylon cord
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Sewing pins (optional)
  • Skewer with tape
  • Lighter or flame source

Directions:Scrubbing soap saver

Open up the nylon wash towel and cut it to 12″x 15 1/2″*. When cut, you should have only one cut and unfinished side of towel.

*If the width of your towel is less than 12 inches, it will still work as long as it can wrap around the soap. The main thing is to use the finished edges of the nylon towel as much as possible.Scrubbing Soap Saver Seam

You should now have a towel that measures 12 inches x 7 1/2 inches. Take the finished 12″ edge and fold it over 1″. Use a 1/4″ seam** and create a rod/rope pocket. Repeat this step on the cut edge, making sure to fold over the unfinished edge twice before sewing.

**Make sure you double back at the beginning and end of each stitch line to secure the ends of the sewing the sewing thread. Scrubbing Soap Saver Short Side

Fold the towel so the right sides are facing each other and sew the short side seams. Use the 1/4″ seam allowance. Make sure NOT to sew over the rod/rope pockets – only sew the sides together that are below the pockets. Marking the scrubbing soap saver

Next, take a ruler and mark 2″ on the bottom  and side of the nylon towel. Connect the marks to make a triangle and sew  along these lines. Scrubbign-soap-saver-turned-out


Turn the soap saver out and it should look like the picture above.Scrubbing soap saver cord

Cut a 28″ – 32″ nylon cord. Slightly burn the cut ends of the cord using a lighter to  prevent fraying.Thread nylon cord through scrubbing soap saver

Tape the cord onto the skewer and thread through the rod/rope pockets of the nylon soap saver. Tie a knot close to the rope ends.Irish Spring Signature for Men in Scrubbing Soap Saver

Insert the Irish Spring Signature for Men soap into your newly made soap saver and draw the string. Tie a second knot to keep the bag closed.

Walla! You now have in your hands, the secret to clean teen boys: a scrubbing soap saver with Irish Spring soap!Irish Spring #MySignatureMove

Teen boy moms, share in the comments below some of your favorite ways to help keep your teen boys clean! Do your boys like using a soft towel, scrubber, or a plain bar of soap to wash?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! With the Irish Spring, it probably makes them smell absolutely manly, and also gets them super clean. I love the nighttime tradition your grandma passed down. #client

  2. There is a bright side to being empty nesters 🙂 My daughter has four sons and they are all serious about smelling nice when they bathe. This Irish Spring Signature for Men should definitely be in all of their bathrooms!
    I want one of those scrubbing cloths!
    Shirley Wood recently posted…Faux Strawberry ShakeMy Profile

  3. I’ve always loved the fresh, clean smell of Irish Spring. My husband has used the soap and I know he’ll love the signature for men. And that scrubbing soap saver is so cool.

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