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Save 40-80% on bedding comforters on GrouponWhen my kids were younger, I was the one making the decorating decisions for their rooms. Now that my kids are full-blown teens, they want to update their rooms to reflect their individual decor taste and style. And since the bedding is the most important part of the bedroom decor, that’s the first item they want to replace. I’m on board with them redecorating their space, as long as it’s within a reasonable budget. That’s why we headed to one of my favorite money saving sites, Groupon Goods, to shop for new bedding and get the most bang for the buck.

Wexley Home All-Seasons Down-Alternative Comforter

There are over 1500 bedding items on Groupon Goods, so I knew my kids would find something they liked. My boys picked out the Khaki Wexley Home All-Seasons Down-Alternative Comforter (comes in 9 colors) and I couldn’t be happier with the price – $24.99 compared to $110! That’s a 77% savings -whoo-hoo!

Madeira Ruched Microfiber Duvet Sets

My oldest daughter fell in love with the Madeira Ruched Microfiber Duvet Set for $29.99, a 50% savings!

Shore Quilt Set

Sold out – I even got in on the fun and found the Shore Quilt Set for our king bed for only $44.99 – LOVE! Not only did we find incredible savings on bedding at Groupon Goods, we found great deals on closet storage, rugs, curtains, and more!

If you’re looking for an economical way to update your bedroom decor, head over to the Home and Garden section on Groupon Goods to save 40% – 80% on new bedding. And don’t forget, you save on services and get coupons on Groupon too!

How do you save with Groupon? 

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  1. im looking to buy bedsheets from Groupon because of the great prices. At the same time, im kinda skeptical about the quality. May i know how will you rate the quality and are you satisfied with your purchases?