Here’s an fun craft to make with the kids for Christmas – Popsicle Stick Nutcrackers!

Popsicle Stick Nutcracker Christmas Craft.

If you’re looking for a Christmas craft to do with the family, this is a great one! These cute popsicle stick nutcrackers are fun to make and a fantastic way to let everyone express their Christmas creativity. Use the nutcrackers for holiday decorations or turn them into Christmas ornaments.

Popsicle Stick Nutcrackers

Popsicle stick nutcracker craft supplies


  • Popsicle sticks (Craft sticks) – 10 per nutcracker.
  • Acrylic paint – Two coordinating colors per nutcracker: one light and one darker paint. Black, light blue, and paint for the eyes. Note: Fine-tip paint pens can be used to create the eye details.
  • White faux fur
  • Gold & Silver Metallic Sharpies or Paint pens
  • Fine White Paint Pen – For the nutcracker eyes and mustache.
  • Paintbrushes – Fine tip and small flat or angled brush.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks (use regular craft glue for young kids) – Adult supervision is needed if using hot glue with younger children.
  • Optional – string to make the popsicle stick nutcrackers into an ornament.

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Nutcrackers

Building the Popsicle Stick Nutcracker Body

Popsicle stick Nutcracker legs and body.

Step 1. Set 2 craft sticks aside for the legs of the nutcracker. Then, cut 3 craft sticks in half. Three havles will be used for the torso of the nutcracker.

Cut 5 popsicle sticks for the Nutcracker arms and face.

Step 2. Carefully cut off a third of 5 popsicle sticks. Discard the smaller pieces or store for later use. Only the long pieces will be used for the nutcracker arms and face/hat.

You should now have: 2 full popsicle sticks, 3 half-sized popsicle sticks, and 5 two-third sized popsicle sticks.

Glue half-sized popsicle sticks onto full sized sticks for the nutcracker body.

Step 3. To make the body or torso of the nutcracker, take one of the half-sized popsicle sticks and hot glue it, flat or cut side up, directly onto the middle of the 2 full sized sticks. Make sure the flat side lines up with the curved ends of the full popsicle sticks (see image). Next, glue the remaining two half-sized popsicle sticks next to it.

Note: Use regular craft glue for younger children or make sure they have adult supervision if using hot glue.

Glue on the Nutcracker arms and face.

Step 4. For the nutcracker arms, take two of the two third-sized sticks, cut side facing up, and glue one onto the back of the body. Next, to create the face and hat, glue the remaining three sticks on top of the torso of the nutcracker, cut ends facing up. Note: For the face and hat, the sticks should be positioned about half-way off the body sticks.

Painting the Popsicle Stick Nutcracker

Paint popsicle stick nutcracker.

Step 5. Choose a color to paint the body of the nutcracker. Leave the upper 2/3 of the top sticks unpainted (see image). Let the paint completely dry.

Step 6. Once the first coat of paint has dried, paint the suit coat and hat a darker shade of the first paint color. See the image. Let the paint completely dry.

Create the nutcracker mustache and eyes with a white paint pen.

Step 7. After the paint has dried, use the white paint pen to draw on eyes in an angled tear drop shape and a mustache.

Paint the nutcracker eye details.

Step 8. Paint the small details of the eyes with a fine-tip paintbrush or paint pen. Paint a small blue circle for the pupils. Let it dry. Then use a fine-tip paintbrush and add a smaller dot of black paint for the pupil center. Optional – To create the lashes, paint an angled line across the top of the eye (see image).

Outline the popsicle stick nutcracker edges with Sharpie.

Step 9. Use the gold metallic Sharpie or paint pen to draw on the nose. Draw on the buttons on the coat, boot tops, and outline the jacket and hat edges with the silver Sharpie (see image).

Tip: Get creativity and use Sharpies, paint, or paint pens to decorate other areas on the nutcracker. Keep things simple or go all out!

Popsicle Stick Nutcracker Hair and Beard

Glue on fur pieces for the popsicle stick nutcracker

Step 10. Cut two thin pieces of white faux fur to fit onto the sides of the face. Glue the fur pieces onto the sides of the face. To finish the nutcracker, cut a small piece of fur to glue under the mustache for the nutcracker beard (see image).

Completed Popsicle Stick Nutcrackers

Popsicle stick nutcracker craft slider.

Step 11. Let dry and the nutcrackers are ready to display. Optional – glue on a string to the back of the nutcracker to make it into an ornament.

Popsicle Stick Nutcrackers in front of trees.

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