I’m back with more Pinterest Tested pins that I’ve tried. This week, I’m mixing it up by sharing some DIY projects from Pinterest. Have you done any DIY projects from Pinterest?


My first project was to provide some privacy for the window in my kids’ bathroom. I found the DIY Lace Privacy Window Covering @Remodelaholic to be just the right project for this window. Since there is only one bathroom window, I didn’t want to cover it with anything heavy. Plus, their bathroom is on the second floor and faces the side of our neighbor’s house, so there isn’t a need for a heavy window dressing.

This technique requires you to cook cornstarch and water together to create a thick paste. Once the paste is prepared, you can use it to adhere the lace onto your window. Keep in mind that this is a removable application and the lace can easily be removed with hot water.

Overall, I liked the results of this project. The lace and cornstarch mixture hardened in 24 hours and looks really nice. Fair warning though, it’s a little messy, so make sure you have towels on hand. Also, the amount of cornstarch I had to apply to the window was a lot more than what was shown in the tutorial pictures.


The next project was to create a window dressing from things I already had on hand. Since I already had cheap plastic blinds on the window and painter’s cloth from another project, I decided to try a DIY roman shade from Pinterest.  I chose to follow the Mini Blind Makeover @Domestically Speaking for my mini blind makeover.


I found the beginning of the tutorial fairly easy to follow and the pictures were a great help. I did get a little confused towards the end of the tutorial but managed to figure things out. My suggestion is to make sure you read all of the directions several times before you start this project to make sure you fully understand what you’ll be doing. 

I like how my blinds turned out, but there are a few things that I would do differently if I do this again.

  1. I would leave enough fabric to wrap around the entire bar at the bottom. This way, none of the plastic bar will be showing when looking from below…like this tutorial @Simply Mrs. Edwards
  2. I would find a way to cover or eliminate the blind slats on the back so they are not visible from outside…like this tutorial @Little Green Notebook


 I’m still debating on how I want to finish off this window. I’m leaning towards doing a wood valance like these… Wood Valance from Sypsie Designs


OR DIY Simple Wooden Valance from Magenta and Lime

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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  1. Erlene, thank you for your post. I’ve been thinking about making a roman shade and have been looking at the tutorials on Pintrest for a while. Nice to hear your tips!