Pinterest Tested 13

This is the first Pinterest Tested post for February! I’m excited to still be trying out new things on Pinterest and I’m inviting all of you to join along. If you’ve tried something awesome, let me know!

One Pot Chicken

ONE POT CHICKEN @Let the Baking Begin!

My Results & Tips:

  1. I used 18 crushed garlic cloves.
  2. Unless you LOVE pepper, 4 tsp. of pepper is too much. I only used about 2 tsp. and it was just enough that the pepper flavor came through.
  3. I added the “optional” paprika, but I don’t think it’s necessary.
  4. My onions and some carrots burned a little. Next time, I will loosely cover with foil and uncover during the last 30 minutes of cooking.

Wow! This is a keeper! Why? Because…

  1. It can be made in one cooking sheet. You gotta love that!
  2. Super easy. Plus, I can enlist the help of my kids to peel the carrots and potatoes to make preparing this dish even faster.
  3. My husband prefers fried chicken, which I don’t care for. This recipe produces a nice crispy chicken and he doesn’t miss that it is not fried.
  4. It has chunky potatoes that crisp up on the outside to produce giant fries…enough said.
  5. It’s a hearty meal that fills up my teen boys. Yay!
  6. The juices from the chicken, the light seasoning, and the olive oil made a great dressing for the roasted vegetables. I think even the most finicky eaters will eat the veggies in this dish.

Overall, this one pan dish will be going into our monthly meal rotation. I’m definitely making this again and will add in some sweet peppers and mushrooms.



My Results & Tips:

  1. The only change I made to the marinade was to use Aloha brand low salt soy sauce* and added two more tablespoons to the recipe. I probably should have used regular soy.
  2. I pushed out most of the air in the Ziplock bag to ensure all parts of the marinade surrounded the steak. If you have a vacuum seal, use it.
  3. I let the steaks marinate for about 8 hours.

I was really excited to get the steaks on the grill, but for some reason this marinade didn’t add a lot of flavor to the meat. I had to add more salt after cutting the meat and used a dipping sauce to add more flavor. Maybe I needed to use regular soy sauce? In any case, I probably won’t be using this marinade again.

*I use the Aloha brand soy sauce for everyday use on other food items, but would recommend using the Kikkoman brand for marinades. Kikkoman seems to have a saltier taste and works better for marinades.

What’s on your Pinterest Tested list?

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