When I was growing up in Hawaii, New Year’s Eve was a HUGE deal. Each eve was celebrated with a large party and tons of fireworks. The only requirement for the party was for each family to bring at least one bag of fireworks, but most would bring three or more.

At sundown, all the kids and dads would go outside and light up firecrackers, sparklers, jumping jacks, and more. Almost every house in the neighborhood would play fireworks until the mountains disappeared behind veils of smoke. Then, at midnight we would set off a string of thousands of firecrackers to scare off the “bad spirits” and ring in the New Year with a bang.

This video is not mine, but was shot in 2011; the last year fireworks* were legal in Hawaii. It’s a great video and shows what the typical island neighborhood sky looked like on New Year’s Eve. *The ones in this video weren’t legal, but practically everyone would have these on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s another video from 2010 that shows what is done at midnight. Ground fireworks and long lines of firecrackers are set off to ring in the New Year.

New-Years-Memories-Printable- Great way to celebrate the New Year with teens & older kids. Use these sheets to make a time capsule or make an album to document each year. Use pages 2 and 3 to create scrapbook pages or add more photos. *Make sure you set your margins to your desired width before printing.

Great memories, but now that we’re in California, our New Year’s Eves  are much quieter. There aren’t any fireworks or big parties (everyone’s pooped out from Christmas), so it’s usually just us.

Typically, we spend the day together at the movies or one of the many California theme parks. This year, I thought it would be nice to add something that didn’t cost anything, so I created a New Year’s Memories Printable. Use just the first page or all three pages to create a fun time capsule of the previous year and set goals for the year ahead.

Click on the images for printable links.

The first page is a reflection on the previous year. Use this page to document favorite things, best memories, goals for the year ahead, and add a photo of yourself too.

Click on the image for the printable link.

Since my kids are older, I created a second page to document their personal style and things they love. This page can be used for drawings or as a scrapbook for images from photos or magazines.

Click on the image for the printable link.

Use the third page to add photos of your best friends (animals included) and anything else that has a special meaning to you.

If you have younger kids, this FREE Year in Review printable coloring page from Skip to My Lou is absolutely adorable!

Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

What do you plan to do with the kids this New Year?

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  1. I love the idea of doing a year in review. That’d be fun to keep and look back on over the years. 🙂 Plus fun to pass on to your kids!

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