Moms tend to take care of others before themselves, so why not gift her a Mother’s Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket!

Mother's Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket

Yesterday, I shared a Mother’s Day Garden Gift Basket that was full of everything mom would need to grow a beautiful flower garden for around $25! And today, I’m going to show you how to create an awesome Mother’s Day Spa & Beauty Basket that includes towels, face masks, a scrub, bubble bath solution, and more for around $15!

Okay, how is it possible to include so many great things in a spa basket for only $15? Well, I shopped my local 99 Cents Only Stores! I honestly couldn’t believe how many fabulous beauty items I was able to find!

For example, beauty masks are all the rage and a ‘must try’ pamper item. Normally, these masks would cost around $4 and up, but I found several beauty masks for $1.00 each! For $6, I was able to pick-up one Nu-pore Luxurious Home Spa Treatment for the hands and one for the feet, one Nu-pore eye gel patch and an eye mask, and one Nu-pore Collagen Essence facial pomegranate mask and vitamin E mask. Amazing, right?!

So let’s put this Mother’s Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket together.

Mother’s Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket

Mother's Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket


  • 6″ x 8″ white plastic basket
  • towel ($1.99)
  • 6 pack of face towels ($1.99)
  • body wash
  • bubble bath
  • body scrubber
  • Nu-pore Luxurious Home Spa Treatment with Jojoba Oil & Aloe Vera Extract for hands
  • Nu-pore Luxurious Home Spa Treatment with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera Extract for feet
  • Nu-pore Collagen Essence Facial Tissue Mask with Vitamin E
  • Nu-pore Collagen Essence Facial Tissue Mask with Pomegranate
  • Nu-pore Moisturizing Eye Mask
  • Nu-pore Revitalizing Gel Eye Patch
  • ribbon
  • cellophane wrap
  • tape
  • scissors

How to Assemble the Mother’s Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket

towel placement

  • Cut off the tags from the towel. Roll it so it will fit into the center of the basket and partially towards the back.
  • Cut off the tags from the face towels. Roll or fold 3 face towels to fill the front of the basket. The remaining three towels will be used later.

Mother's Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket items

  • Place the bubble bath, body wash, and the hand/feet treatments towards in front, leaving a space in the middle for the remaining face towels.
  • Arrange all the Nu-pore items in the back.
  • Optional – add the body scrubber into the basket or use it as a basket topper.

towel flower

towel flower

  • Unfold the remaining face towels so that they are only folded in half.
  • Lay the towels in a row with the ends overlapping. You should have one long continuous row.
  • Start from one end and start to roll the towels into a loose tube.
  • Holding the folded end down, begin to unfold the sewn edges of the towel down to form flower petals.
  • When you have a flower form you like, add it into the front of the basket.

cellophane wrap

  • Cut cellophane long enough to wrap around the basket. It will be necessary to cut and tape two pieces to accommodate the width of the basket.
  • Cut a 12″ length of ribbon. Set aside.
  • Place the basket at a slight angle on the cellophane. Bring one corner of the cellophane over the front top of the basket.
  • Take the cellophane on the side and wrap towards the back of the basket. Tape to the back of the basket.
  • Gather the cellophane in the back/sides and bring it towards to top. Tie with ribbon.


  • Tie a ribbon around the body scrubber and secure around the top of of the basket.
  • Cut 5 – 18″ length ribbon and tie around the top of the basket. Curl all hanging ribbon.

Mother's Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket

Now you have a beautiful Mother’s Day Spa & Beauty Gift Basket for mom!

What kind of gift basket would your mom like?

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  1. This is such a creative idea, Erlene! I love the shower pouf as a “bow”. So adorable. Is it wrong if I want to make one of these for myself for Mother’s Day? lol

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