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Looking for something fun to serve on Easter? How about making a Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake!

Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake

I’m back with more 99 Cents Only Stores awesomeness! Do you remember the fun DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Buffet I shared last month? The kids (and hubby) enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do something fun for Easter too.

The idea for this cake came from my oldest daughter, who came with me on my last trip to the 99. Years ago, I made her a custom birthday cake and she constantly reminds me of how it’s her favorite cake, EVER. So while we were shopping at the store, she suggested a custom Easter cake – genius! And thanks to the 99, I was able to create a custom Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake for a fraction of the cost of a designer bakery cake.

99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Store Easter treats

I can’t even tell you how much fun we had at the 99 Cents Only Store. We found a large variety of Easter treats and tons of cute decorations. But since this shopping trip was specifically for an Easter basket cake, I tried my hardest to stay focused because I have a tendency to get easily distracted by all the great valued items throughout the store. Okay, I failed at staying focused. A few giant plastic Easter eggs made it into my shopping cart along with drinks, fresh fruits, snacks (I found Annie’s snacks!), and school supplies for the kids. But hey, it’s hard to pass up so many good deals, right?

99 Cents Only Stores Haul

Here is a picture of my 99 Cents Only Stores haul. I may have gone a little overboard. I didn’t use everything in the picture to create the Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake, but trust me, none of this will go to waste. I’ll be using the leftover goodies in other fun Easter desserts too.

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Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake

The total amount spent to create this custom cake was $14, which is awesome when compared to the $50 cost of a custom cake from our local bakery.

99 Cents Only Stores Shopping List (click on image for the shopping printable):

Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Shopping List

Other items I had on-hand and used – scissors, pen/pencil, two round cake pans, sugar, water, and food coloring (optional).

Frosting the Easter Basket Cake:

Frost Easter Basket Cake

First, start by baking the cake by following the directions on the box. I used two of my own 8″ round cake pans to bake two round cakes. Let the cakes cool completely. Then place the cakes in the freezer for 30 minutes to firm it up and make it easier to frost. Frost the top of the first cake, stack the second cake on top, and frost the entire cake. Don’t worry about a nice frosting job, as everything will be covered with sweet decorations.

Decorating the Easter Basket Cake:

Wafers on Easter Basket Cake

Once the cake is covered in frosting, line the outside of the cake with chocolate wafers. I used about 1 1/2 packages of chocolate wafers.

Tip: This cake has to be served right away because the wafers tend to soften quickly. If you need to make this ahead of time, substitute the wafers with Kit Kat bars, bunny Peeps, or leave it plain.

Easter basket coconut grass

To create ‘grass’ for the top of the Easter basket cake, I added green food coloring, 2 T. of sugar, and 2T. of water to 1 1/4 cup of coconut flakes. You can also skip the food coloring and just add in the sugar and water to moisten and sweeten the coconut flakes.

Tip: If you don’t like coconut, fill the top with jelly beans, other candy pieces, or leave it plain.

Bunny and Friends Easter Basket PlacementBunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake

Now it’s time to add bunny and friends! First, I cut off about 1″ of the plastic kabob stick and added the giant marshmallow bunny onto the cake. For the small friends, remove the marshmallow or jelly friends you don’t need, cut off portions of the kabob stick you don’t need, and place onto the cake. Then sprinkle jelly beans and gum eggs all over the top. I did change up the arrangement a bit, but the picture above gives you a general idea the bunny and friends arrangement.

Tip: Clean the plastic kabob sticks with soap/water before inserting into the cake. Use a serrated knife to cut the plastic kabob sticks when needed.

Creating the Easter Basket Cake handles:

Easter basket cake handle

To create the Easter Basket Cake handle, I cut a 1 1/2″ x 25″ long strip down the length of a poster board. Since the ribbon was wider than the strip, I folded the edges in and used tape to secure to the poster board.

Tip: You can use foil folded over itself multiple times to create the handle and cover it in ribbon. I used poster board because my daughter needed a portion of it for a class project and I used the remaining portion for the handle.

Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake

Fold the remaining ribbon on the spool in half and tie around the wafers. This will help stabilize the wafers and hold them together when pushing in the ribbon basket handle. Now push in the handles between the cake and wafers, about an inch down.

Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake

Here is the final Bunny and Friends Basket Cake arrangement. I added a plastic bunny carrot and removed the green bug friend to add in the jelly chick.

Daughter's Easter Cake

It was so much fun creating this Bunny and Friends Easter Basket cake that my daughter wanted to create her own Easter cake too. This is her cake with a duck swimming in a jelly bean pond and a bug king walking down a pink wafer path. Cute, right?!

Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake

Really, the decorating possibilities are endless. The key is to have fun and let your imagination run wild. Now, head to your local 99 Cents Only Stores and create your own Bunny and Friends Easter Basket Cake!

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  1. Erlene, this is fabulous! I love that you showed us how you made it. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle! Pinning to my Easter Treats Board.

  2. My kids would have so much fun helping me decorate this. I see a new tradition in the making… Thanks for sharing at My Busy Beehives #beeparty! Hope to see you again!

  3. WoW…. This is awesome. I did this tonight and everyone loved it. My sister wants one, shell have to wait until Easter.
    I want to post a pic so you can see how it came out. Not sure where though.

    Thank you so much

  4. Hey, Erlene! Just wanted to let you know that we loved your Easter Basket Cake so much when you shared it at the #HomeMattersParty last week, we’ve FEATURED it THIS WEEK! Hope you can check it out when you get a sec.

  5. Awww….This is so cute.It seems it is easy to decorate when there are all the candy and sweets around.I want to check near by super market for such cute sweets.My kid would love to have such a cute cake!

  6. This is sooooooo cute! I used to love decorating cakes, so many of my favorites were when I could incorporate cute things and make it simple, like this! Pinning and sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  7. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely adorable! Such a fun idea for a cake – I love the wafer sides and green coconut “grass”! Pinned & sharing on FB 🙂

  8. That’s adorable! My brother-in-law’s birthday falls on Easter weekend this year, so we will definitely need a cake to celebrate.

  9. Oh my goodness! This cake is so cute! I don’t know if I can pull off something like this, so I will be passing this on to my sister who is great with baking and cake decoration. I like the coconut topping, and those marshmallow bunnies definitely made the cake really pretty.

  10. This is fantastic! I love the cookies around the outside – this sounds so delicious and looks so fun.I have been trying to think of something fun and new to try for easter, and this is so inspiring.

  11. That cake is amazing! What a cute and creative Easter idea. Its one of the best I’ve seen!

  12. What a fun Easter idea! I’m always on the lookout for creative cake ideas, and this one…well, takes the cake (pun intended). I love that the kids can decorate the top of the cake themselves, too. Thanks for sharing the deals at the 99, and Happy Easter! #client