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Love unique ornaments? Here’s a fun tropical Christmas Luau Beach Ball Ornament that brings a little sunshine to the holiday season! It’s also the ornament I created for Michelle of Coastal Bohemian, my Ornament Exchange partner!

Luau Santa Beach Ball Ornament

Thanks to Oriental Trading, I was able to create this Luau Santa Beach Ball Ornament for Michelle. And for a LIMITED TIME, Oriental Trading is offering FREE SHIPPING on any order using my link and code SQUAD19. The offer ends tonight, 11/14/19, at 12am CST. Use this offer to get supplies to create this ornament or stock up on your holiday decor, party supplies, party games, gifts, and more! Oriental Trading Free ShippingTo see the ornament Michelle sent me, watch the video! It’s the white sand pail and mini surfboard ornament. You’ll also get a peek at the other DIY ornaments on the tree too! Find the tutorials for the Painted Container Pineapples, Glittered Beach Sunglasses, and Tropical Cocktail Ornaments by clicking the links

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Isn’t the tree fun? Did you see Michelle’s handmade ornaments?

Okay, let’s get to the Luau Beach Ball Ornament tutorial and don’t forget to head to the 2019 Ornament Exchange for tons of handmade ornament tutorials! Ornament Exchange Link Party

Luau Santa Beach Ball Christmas Ornament

Luau Santa Beach Ball Christmas Ornament

Yield: 24

How to make Luau Santa Beach Ball Ornaments using clear disc ornaments, striped napkins, and stickers.


  • Large DIY Clear Disc Ornaments
  • Luau Santa Beverage Napkins
  • Luau Christmas Sticker Scenes
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Beach fringe decoration (raffia table skirt)
  • Sand
  • Dura-lar or thin plastic sheet
  • Foam dots or white foam core board

Optional items

  • Mini Starfish
  • small shells
  • sea glass
  • clear glitter or snow glitter


  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • paint brush
  • scissors


  1. Painting the luau Santa beach ball ornament back white Open the clear disc ornament. Paint a thin coat of white paint on the side that has writing on it. Let dry and do another coat. Let dry. This step is necessary in order to keep the white portion of the napkin opaque. If you skip this, the white portion of the napkin will turn clear when Mod Podge is applied over it.
  2. Separate the 3-ply stripe napkin into a single layer. Cut the napkin into quarters, following the fold lines. Paint Mod Podge onto the white side of the ornament. Lay the napkin on the Mod Podge in a vertical position, colored side up. Use the paint brush and gently apply more Mod Podge over the top of the napkin. Brush from the middle out towards the sides of the ornament. Keep applying Mod Podge over the napkin until it is laying flat against the ornament backing. Let dry. There will be some folds. Just try to keep those folds towards the bottom of the ornament as this will be hidden by sand.
  3. There are two ways to do this part. 1. Take the painted side of the ornament, place it on the Dura-Lar, trace it and cut out. It may need to be trimmed smaller to fit just inside the lip of the ornament. Arrange stickers in the center of the plastic circle. Pro - less sand is used. Con - you may have to trim several times to get a proper fit. 2. Apply the stickers to the Dura-Lar and cut around it, leaving a 1/4" edge around the stickers. Pro - easy to do. Con - use more sand.
  4. Luau Santa Beach Ball Ornaments foam I use dollar store foam board cut into 1/2" x 3/4" rectangles, times 3x. Take the foam rectangles and glue them together in the middle of the Mod Podge side of the ornament. Let dry. Another option is to use adhesive foam dots. Place glue on the top of the foam and place the sticker cut-out on top. Make sure the bottom of the sticker hovers no more than 1/2" from the bottom. This is where the sand will cover so the stickers look like they are sitting on the sand.
  5. Luau Santa Beach Ball Ornaments sand Take the clear side of the ornament and scoop up some sand. It should be enough to just cover the bottom edge of the stickers. Optional - add glitter, mini starfish, sea glass, and small shells. Take the Mod Podge side of the ornament and place over the sand side. Make sure to line up the ornament holes. Press together firmly to shut. Check the level of the sand to make sure it comes to the bottom of the stickers. If it doesn't, carefully separate the pieces and add more sand or remove sand as needed.
  6. Luau Santa Beach Ball Ornament raffia trim Trim the raffia table skirt to be 1/2" long. This will be the trim. I cut 12" at a time. Save the cut raffia to make the ornament loops and for other projects.
  7. Luau Santa Beach Ball Ornaments Apply hot glue to the sides of the ornament in small sections. Press on the trimmed raffia down onto the glue. Continue to do this until the entire circumference of the ornament has trim. Cut the raffia trim to fit and let the glue dry. Take a cut raffia strip and pull it through the ornament hole and make a hanging loop.


  • Clear plastic containers can be used in place of Dura-Lar.
  • If you don't want to Mod Podge the back with a napkin, just paint it a color you like.
  • Keep any raffia that is cut from the table skirt to make the hanging loops for the ornaments.
  • Foam dots can be substituted with regular cut foam core boards from the dollar store that you cut to size and glue together.

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  1. Erlene,
    I’m pretty impressed with your ornament, but I REALLY like the video. Wow! Your tree is literally Hawaiian. The whole room looks great. You put thematic music in the video too? #goals

  2. I love this ornament! It’s so colorful and bright and I just love the beach theme. My husband loves the beach and this would be so cute for him (maybe a little less pink haha)

  3. These are ADORABLE! I’m such a sucker for miniatures and love that these have real sand and tiny coastal elements. My son and DIL had a destination wedding and I’m thinking one of these would be perfect with the sand we brought back with us. Thanks for the inspiration, Erlene! Pinned 🙂

  4. Hi Erlene .. I love the ornament you made for the exchange and I’m so excited to add it to my tree. Thanks for hosting this event. Your hard work and professionalism shine through . And thx for linking over to my blog.