I love using wreaths to decorate for holidays. It’s one decoration that can easily be changed and totally alter the feel of your space.

So of course, I had to add a wreath while creating my stairway gallery wall. Here’s a sneak peek of the wall and wreath…http://mypinterventures.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Sneak-peek-gallery-wall.jpgAlthough creating a new wreath for each month would be heavenly, it’s not really practical. I mean, where the heck would I store 12 full wreaths?! Hmm…do you think my husband would mind giving up his quarter of the closet?

To solve my need to have a wreath for as many holidays as possible, without kicking my husband out of his slice of the closet, I decided to create an interchangeable wreath. Interchangeable Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks wreath

Supplies :

  • wreath form (I used styrofoam)
  • fabric
  • 2 different color packages of green foam Shamrocks (Dollar store)
  • cardboard
  • pencil or pen
  • scissors
  • glue
  • fishing wire or ribbon
  • pins
  • self-stick velcro (optional)

Directions :Base Interchangeable wreathI didn’t take pictures when I created the base, but it’s really simple. I pinned and wrapped 3″ strips of painter’s cloth to a styrofoam wreath. To create a “hook” for the wreath, I folded and glued down a strip of painter’s cloth in an upside u-shape. interchangeable wreath backingTrace the shape of the wreath form on cardboard (I used a pizza box) and cut it out. This cut out will be the base to glue the shamrocks onto. back-interchangeable-wreathI covered only part of the cardboard, but you could cover the entire cardboard with shamrocks. Next, trim the cardboard so it doesn’t show from behind the shamrocks. Attach the shamrocks to the wreath with self-stick velcro or by pinning through the cardboard.Interchangeable Shamrock WreathLast, glue four foam shamrocks together, sandwich fishing line between the shamrocks, and tie it to hang in the center of the wreath. Now every time someone walks up or down the stairs, the hanging shamrock twirls.

And that’s my simple and inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day Interchangeable Wreath! The neutral base allows me to easily change for any occasion and the interchangeable wreath decorations can be stored in a small box!

What decor change do you like to make for each holiday?

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  1. I’d love to change the flowers theme for each occasions. This St Patricks day, we’re dye dipping some roses into green. Hope it’ll be great!

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