Ikea Stool Makeover

Before Pinterest, I would’ve probably thrown this old Ikea stool out and bought a new one. Sad…I know, but true. The thought to revive an old Ikea stool would’ve probably never entered my mind. However, now that I’ve been shown the error of my ways, I’ve started to look at things I would’ve normally tossed out in new ways. I think we’ve had this Ikea stool for almost 10 years and as you can see from the before pictures, its seen better days.

This old Ikea stool was made of plywood and needed some repair. Before I started sanding and painting, I needed to glue the edges of the legs together with some wood glue. Once that was done, it was a really easy project to makeover this old Ikea stool.


Ikea Stool Makeover Supplies:

  • sand paper (P80)
  • palm sander
  • painter’s tape
  • tack cloth
  • news paper
  • spray paint (black & white)
  • Sharpie black paint pen
  • semi-gloss clear sealant

Ikea Stool Makeover

Before Ikea Stool

1. If your stool needs repair, do so before you start to paint or sand. If your stool is in good condition, you can skip this step.

* I needed to repair the plywood on my stool with some wood glue. *

Ikea stool sanded

2. Sand all the paint or finish off the stool. Do both the top and the underside of the stool.

3. Wipe down the stool with a tack cloth to make sure you get rid of all the dust.

Black Paint

4. Spray the stool with a coat of paint. If you feel the wood grain rise, do another light sanding, wipe down with your tack cloth, and spray paint again.  Do two or three coats until you get the desired coverage you want.

tape stool

5. Tape your desired design on stool. Take newspaper and cover areas you don’t want over spray on. Spray with white paint.

Finished Stool

6. Remove tape. Touch up any rough edges with the black Sharpie paint pen. Finish with a clear sealant.



Ikea Stool Makeover - a super quick and easy way to update and revive an old Ikea Stool with paint.
Revive an old Ikea Stool – An super quick and easy way to update and revive an old Ikea Stool with paint.


There you have it. A super quick and easy way to makeover and revive an old Ikea stool.

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  1. Hey! I wanted to let you know that I loved your post and featured in in this weeks Creative Spark Party. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. LOL – good old pinterest! Every time I mention something I saw on pinterest, my hubby gets hives! LOL – I’m always saving something from the trash! Your stool came out great! And, who doesn’t need a pretty little stool for the kitchen or bathroom? Love the black and white! Julia

  3. The stool looks 10x’s better. I also use to be one who threw items out. Now I try to save them. Thanks for sharing this at the Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  4. I’m glad Pinterest showed me the error of my ways, too! I love how creative people are when it comes to stuff like this. Your stool turned out awesome! Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings.

  5. such a great job on this stool makeover– just stumbled, tweeted, and about to pin, too! Thanks for linking up with Motivation Monday this week 🙂

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