Spilled wax on your carpet? No worries, there’s a way to get it out! Just follow these instructions on how to clean wax from carpets.

How to Clean Wax from Carpet

Remember my oops moment of spilling wax down my walls? If not, you can see what happened and how to remove wax from walls. Well, I also spilled red wax on my light tax colored carpet! I can tell you that my heart skipped a beat and I was sure my carpet was ruined. But after a quick search on the internet, I was able to find a way to help save my carpet and it’s so easy! 

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How to Clean Wax from Carpets

Step 1

Wax on the carpet

In the original instructions, it says to scrape any excess wax off with a butter knife. I skipped this step since there wasn’t a large amount of wax on my carpet. If there is a large amount, definitely scrap off some of the wax and vacuum up the scrapings. 

Step 2

Damp cloth and iron over wax

Take a damp cloth/rag and place over the wax. Press with an iron, set on cotton (high), for 15 – 30 seconds. The wax should be drawn up into the damp towel. Repeat this step, using clean areas of the towel, until all the wax is drawn up. Change out the towel to a new damp towel when needed. 

Step 3

carpet with wax removed

Apply carpet cleaner, following the cleaner instructions, to remove any leftover wax coloring left on the carpet. Carpet cleaner may have to be applied several times for dark color wax stains and may not completely remove all the color. 

While there is very faint color left on my carpet, it’s very hard to see unless you’re looking for it. I’m truly impressed that this method for removing wax from my carpet worked and I hope this can help someone else too. 

If you’ve spilled wax on your carpet, how did you remove it? Share your tips in the comments.

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