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Have you heard the saying ‘King of the Castle’? Well, I’m the queen of my castle and I’m sharing how I rule the throne, my way with Pine-Sol®!

Be queen of the castle and rule the throne with Pine Sol

Recently, my younger brother came to visit us from Maui and while he was here, we went on a mini foodie tour. We visited a dairy farm, a huge food night market fair, various burger joints, ate poke bowls, and more. That being said, what goes in, must come out and our bathroom got A LOT of use.

Pine Sol 1

Now, being a mom of four kids, I’m no stranger to working hard to clean the bathrooms. The bathrooms have always been the hardest and grossest rooms in the entire house to clean. But with my brother visiting and all the extra bathroom visits, I wanted to make sure the bathrooms, especially the toilets, remained clean and sanitized. So on day two of my brother’s visit, it was time to be the queen of the castle and rule the throne with my trusty Pine-Sol® multi-purpose cleaner.

So I grabbed a bottle of Pine-Sol® Original, my teal cleaning gloves, and turned my phone on for some tunes because it’s my way to get tough things clean. Cleaning with Pine-Sol® Original kills 99.9% of germs and is safe on multiple surfaces when used as directed. Plus, it can be used on dirt, grime, grease, and to deodorize! Pine-Sol® is the perfect cleaner to use on the toilet seats, under the toilet rim (you can see the yucky there), outside the toilet, on the floors, and just about every surface in the bathroom and home. For me, when I can smell the clean Pine-Sol® scent in the house, it signals things are clean and sanitized!

Cleaning and dancing with Pine Sol

Here I am getting #MyCleanMoves on while singing to my favorite tunes. Call me quirky, I know my kids give me a strange looks, but adding music to my cleaning routine, but it helps make tough cleaning fun! In fact, Pine-Sol® believes that hard work can be infused with fun and wants to see how you “Clean. Your way”. All you need to do is take a photo of yourself showing off your cleaning dance moves and post it on Instagram with the hashtags #MyCleanMoves and #Contest and tagging @PineSol for a chance to win $5000, Pandora subscriptions or even a Bluetooth speaker bucket.

PineSol on Walmart shelves in Paper & Cleaning aisle

So what are you waiting for?! I shared how I rule my throne and clean my way. Now, it’s your turn! Head over to the paper and cleaning aisle at your local Walmart for some Pine-Sol® cleaner and share your way of cleaning with @PineSol on Instagram!

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  1. Pin Sol is what I am currently using to mop my floors because of that clean fresh smell. My Mom always used Pin Sol because it gets the job done and now I use it too. This post is so funny! Love that crown!