Hello Spring! Today, I’m participating in a March Dollar Store Craft Challenge Blog Hop with a few of my blogging friends. For this hop, we were challenged to get the main craft items from the dollar store. And since all the Easter and spring items are already on the shelves, I decided to pick up a large plastic dollar store egg to make a Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny!

Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny - using 99 Cents Only Store giant Easter eggs, pipe cleaners, paint, and fabric.

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Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny


[clickToTweet tweet=”Turn a plain dollar store egg into a cute Giant Sleepy Face Easter Egg Bunny! #Easter #dollarstorecraft ” quote=”Turn a plain dollar store egg into a Giant Sleepy Face Easter Egg Bunny that you can fill with candy or display for spring decor.”]

How to:

Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny Ears

Drill ear holes for the giant sleepy Easter egg bunny

  • Find the center of the top of the Easter Egg. Using a tape measure, mark a dot 3/4″ down on each side of the center.
  • Drill a hole through the marked dots.

Giant sleepy Easter egg bunny ear making

cutting ears for the Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny

  • To make the back of the ears, cut an inch off of two of the pipe cleaners. Bring the pipe cleaner ends together without making bends or kinks in it.
  • While holding the ends together, add a small amount glue to one side of the pipe cleaner and flip it onto the backside of your fabric or paper. Add more glue to areas that didn’t catch. Cut excess fabric off, getting as close to the pipe cleaner as possible. Repeat these steps for two ears.

Front of bunny ears

  • For the front of the ears, bring the end of an uncut pipe cleaner together and add glue to one side.
  • Flip this onto the cut out ear, making sure the fabric/paper pattern is facing front. Press to make sure all edges are secure. Add more glue where needed. Repeat with the second ear.

Insert pipe cleaners into egg

  • Push ends of the long pipe cleaner into the drilled holes. Pull through until the short pipe cleaners touch the top of the Easter egg. Add a a tiny dab of glue onto the ends of the pipe cleaner and press down on the egg to secure. Do not add too much as it can melt the plastic.

Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny Face

Sleepy bunny face

  • Use a permanent pen and draw a sleepy rabbit face onto a piece of paper and cut around it. Tape it onto the inside of the egg and trace over it with the permanent pen or paint pen (not shown). If using a paint pen, you won’t need to paint over the marker pen with acrylic paint and can skip to the next step. I prefer to paint over the traced permanent pen because paint pens tend to leak and I have more control with a paint brush.

Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny Tail and Bow

Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny bow and tail

  • Add a tiny dab of glue to one side of the pom pom and press onto the back of the Easter egg for the tail.
  • Make a bow and glue it under the sleepy bunny face, right above the egg seam.

Finished giant sleepy Easter egg bunny

Tada, now the Giant Sleepy Easter Egg Bunny is ready to be filled with Easter goodies or displayed with your spring decor.

Now, let’s see what my blog friends created with their dollar store items…

Dollar Store Craft Challenge

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  1. This little bunny is so, so sweet and cute! I just love everything about her, especially the face. I was surprised that you painted that on, I was sure it was Cricut vinyl!

  2. Your sleepy bunny is adorable and you provided a great tutorial so we can make one too. Pinning!

  3. How cute! I love the sleepy look for the bunny. It would be a fun alternative to a traditional Easter basked. Great tutorial on how to make one, too. Pinning.

  4. Erlene, These sleepy Easter Egg bunnies are not only creative but also adorable. I love this idea for filling with Easter Treats. Pinning.

  5. What fun, Erlene! This is an awesome craft to do with kids! Imagine painting on different facial expressions! Kids would love it and so would I! Plus it’s a wonderful alternative to an Easter basket, too!

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