It’s July and summer is in full swing! If you need a fun activities, here’s a FREE Summer I Spy Game & Activity Printables to help with summer boredom.

Summer I Spy Game and Summer Activity Printables

Supplies Needed to Play

  • Printer – A color printer to print out the Summer I Spy Game & Activity Printables
  • Heavyweight printer paper – I recommend 40lb. weight
  • Download & print the Summer I Spy Game Printable & Activity Printables(links below)
  • Pen, pencil, or dry erase marker – to check off the images found or to write the number of items found.
  • Optional – Clear page protectors if playing at the beach to use with dry erase markers
  • Optional – game prizes
  • Optional – paper towels or rag to wipe off dry erase markers

FREE Summer I Spy Game

Note: These free printables are free for personal use. Copying and selling the games are prohibited.

Summer I Spy Game

To print, click on the image or this link > FREE Summer I Spy Game

How to Play

You may choose to play differently, but these are some game play suggestions.

  1. Timed Game Play – Give a time limit of between 2 – 3 minutes. The winner is the person who finishes first with all the correct number of found items.
  2. Relay Play – This is fun when there are a large amount of people. Group people into teams of no more than 12 since there are only 12 unique hidden images. The first player will have to find all of the first image shown (crab). Then, pass it to the next player and that player will have to find all of the second image (starfish). Keep passing the paper to the next player until all the images are found. The team that finishes first wins!

Summer Activity Printables

For more summer fun, I’ve also created a fun This or That game, Beach I Spy Game, Summer Word Search, and a Summer Bucket List.

Summer Activity Printables

To print, click on the link > Summer Activity Games

Beach I Spy Game – For the Beach I Spy Game, place the printed game inside a clear sheet protector and use a dry-erase marker to check off the items found. If multiple people are playing, use the list to take pictures of the items and have everyone share their images.

Summer This or That Game – Use the box to draw an arrow to your answer.

Summer Word Search Game – Play casually or see who can find the hidden words the fastest to win.

Summer Bucket List – See how many summer activities you can complete this summer or add your own!

Game Prize Ideas

If you plan on using the Summer I Spy Game or Word Seach Game at a gathering and would like to offer prizes, I suggest heading to the Dollar Tree or 99 Cent stores for fun affordable summer-themed prizes.

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