Are you a Christmas enthusiast or a holiday Grinch? See how many holiday activities you’ve participated in by playing this Free Printable Christmas Tree Game.

Free printable Christmas Tree Game

This game is based off of a ‘collect Christmas trees’ game I saw on Facebook. The one on Facebook was a bit more random and wasn’t specifically holiday related, so I decided to create my own that was all about Christmas activities.

There are three different versions of the Christmas tree game: two adult versions (one has 8 more activities) and one child version. In addition, I’ve also created several graphic design versions: minimalist, woodland, tropical, classic Poinsettias (subscriber exclusive), Merry trees background (subscriber exclusive), Chalk (subscriber exclusive)and plain (subscriber exclusive) for those that want to save some ink.

How to Play

Give each player a sheet of the free printable Christmas tree game and a pen. Each player should mark or check off each activity they have completed, which will earn them a Christmas tree. When each player has gone through the entire list of activities, they should count how many Christmas trees were earned. The winner is the player who earned and collected the most Christmas trees.

Grab the Christmas Tree Game Printable by clicking on the images below. These printables are free and are available for personal use. These should not be duplicated for resale or commercial use.

Christmas tree game - modern minimalist
Christmas Tree Game - Woodland
Christmas Tree Game Tropical Print

Subscriber Exclusive Christmas Tree Game Graphic Prints

Subscibe to My Pinterventures mailing list to gain access to these 4 subscriber exclusive Christmas Tree Game prints.

Christmas tree game merry trees
Christmas Tree Game Chalk trees
Christmas tree game printalbe - poinsettia print
Christmas tree game - plain

Prize Suggestions

I hope you enjoy playing this Christmas tree game. If you find any errors or have issues printing it out, please let me know in the comments. Have fun and a happy holidays!

To create your own printables, check out Canva for tons of templates and graphics.

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  1. I love this idea. Every year I have to come up with a new game as the littles now expect it lol. Thanks for making me a cool grama with this idea