Celebrate National Peach Month with this FREE printable Peach I Spy game. Both simple and hard versions included!

Free Peaches I Spy Printable Game LP
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This month is all about a summer fruit favorite…the peach! I’ve already shared a fantastic Peach Melba Ice Cream Cake with a shortbread crust and topped with fresh strawberries, tart raspberries, and vanilla ice…so yummy! Throughout the month, I’ll be sharing more peach-themed posts—including this fun Peach I Spy Printable Game that’s perfect for everyone in your family. But before we get to the game, let’s learn about National Peach Month.

About National Peach Month

Technically, peach season starts in June, but peak season is August. The tradition of acknowledging National Peach Month began in 1982, when President Ronald Reagan declared August the month to recognize the many health benefits (vitamins, minerals, and fiber) of the peach.

Supplies Needed to Play Peach I Spy

  • Printer – A color printer to print out the Spring Gnome I Spy Game
  • Heavyweight printer paper or regular printer paper – I recommend 40lb. weight for a more professional print appearance, but regular printer paper is fine too.
  • Download & print Peach I Spy Game Printable (links below)
  • Pen or pencil – to check off the images found or to write the number of items found.
  • Optional – game prizes

FREE Peach I Spy Printable Game

Please note that these are for personal use and should not be copied and sold.

FREE Peach I Spy Printable Game - Easy and Hard Version

To print, click on the image above or this link > Peach I Spy Printable Game

The easy version has the number of each item listed and the hard version has more items to find and does not have the number of each item listed.

How to Play

You may choose to play this Peach I Spy Game differently, but these are some game play suggestions.

  1. Peach I Spy – give a time limit of between 1 minute. The winner is the person who finishes first with all the correct number of found items.
  2. Peach I Spy (easy version) – give a time limit of 1 minute. The winner is the person who finishes first with all the correct items numbered or circled.
  3. Relay Play – This is fun when there are a large amount of people. Group people into teams of no more than 12 since there are only 12 unique hidden images. Using the hard version, the first player will have to find all of the first image shown (peach branch) and write the number in the box. Then, pass it to the next player and that player will have to find all of the second image (cut peach) and write the number found. Keep passing the paper to the next player until all the images are found. The team that finishes first with the correct number of images found wins!

Subscriber Exclusive Peach Trivia & Peach Crossword Printable

Subscriber only exclusive Peach Trivia and Peach Crossword Printable Game

Game Prize Ideas

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