2024 New Year's Banner and Wall Art.

FREE 2024 New Year Banner and Wall Art

I know it’s the busiest time of the year for many of us, so I’m going to keep it short and simple. If you’re planning a New Year’s Day party or want to decorate for the new year, I’ve created a FREE updated 2024 New Year Banner and a few wall art pieces to print.

For the best results, I recommend printing these on heavier stock paper and the best settings on your printer. Once the banner sheets are printed, cut them out and glue onto ribbon or string and hang. Add New Year wall art into frames or tape onto walls.

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2024 New Year's Banner and Wall Art Download Link

Download New Year Banner & Wall Art

To edit the template, use this Canva link. Note: You will need a Canva account to sign-in to edit the template.

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