Looking for a fun fall dessert? Try making this easy fall turkey donut dessert. No cooking required!

How to make a fall turkey donut dessert
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I love cute treats and love them even more when they’re easy to make! Since this dessert uses premade items, the hardest part about making this fall dessert is the drive to the grocery store.

Easy Fall Turkey Donut Dessert


How to Assemble the Turkey Donut Dessert

Turkey donut feathers with candy corn.

Step 1. To create turkey ‘feathers’, start by adding a small amount of peanut butter to one side of the candy corn. Then place about 10-12 candy corn onto about half of the donut.

Place candy eyes on Milano cookies with peanut butter.

Step 2. Place a tiny bit of peanut butter on the back of two candy eyes. Using the peanut butter as ‘glue’, place the eyes onto the Milano cookie.

turkey donut dessert beak with candy corn and M&M.

Step 3. To create the turkey beak, add peanut butter onto a candy corn. Place it at an angle in the middle of the Milano cookie. Next, cut a red M&M in half. Then add a bit of peanut butter to the cut side and place it at an angle under the candy corn.

Fall turkey donut dessert closeup.

Step 4. Finally, push the cookie into the donut hole to create the turkey body. And one turkey donut is done! Repeat steps 1-4 for every turkey donut being made.

How to make a fall turkey donut dessert

I hope this fall treat put a smile on your face. This turkey donut dessert is perfect for kids, and adults are sure to enjoy this festive fall dessert as well.

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