Today, I’m sharing a fun Dollar Store Snowman Ornament Makeover and a Christmas Gift Card Giveaway

Dollar Store Snowman Ornament Makeover

If you want to create these dollar store snowman ornaments, I highly suggest you run down to your local Dollar Tree because these will mostly likely sell out well before Christmas. These are available in this adorable snowman, Santa, or gingerbread shape.

Update 11/26/2023: This is no longer sold at Dollar Tree, but the techniques used on this ornament can be used on other clear plastic ornaments.

Creating these dollar store snowman ornaments would make for a memorable activity for adults and kids at a holiday party or just for fun! The great thing about this dollar store craft is that it can be kept simple or elaborate for the seasoned crafter. Whatever your level of craftiness, it’s a fun craft to ring in the holiday season. So, let’s get to the tutorial, and don’t forget to enter the Christmas gift card giveaway too!

Dollar Store Snowman Ornament Makeover

Dollar Store Snowman Ornament Makeover

Active Time: 1 hour
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 1 hour
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: Under $15

How to makeover a plain dollar store plastic snowman ornament. Note: The ornament has all of the markings pressed into it and will serve as a guide for paint and embellishment placement.


  • Dollar Tree Crafter's Square Christmas Icon Snowman Ornament
  • Paint - black (hat, eyes, mittens, mouth)*, white (hat trim and snowman body), orange (nose), Red (berries), Green (leaves)
  • Snowman Filling - White paint, Iridescent shred filler, mini faux styrofoam snow
  • Optional - mini buttons
  • Optional -fabric for scarf
  • Optional - Chunky red glitter or sequin
  • Optional - black flocking powder


  • Craft glue or hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Paint palette
  • Small paint brushes
  • Paper and tape for a mini funnel for faux snow and glitter
  • Optional - If filling the ornament with paint, a cup or other item will be needed to collect the paint.
  • Scissors


  1. Dollar store snowman ornament cap off Remove the cap at the top of the ornament.
  2. Fill ornament with chosen filling. Iridescent shred filling For Iridescent shred, use a stick to push the filling into the ornament. For the faux snow and glitter, use a make shift paper cone as a funnel. white paint inside snowman ornament drain white paint from snowman ornamentIf using white paint, roll around the ornament until the paint coats the entire inside of the ornament. Place upside down to let excess paint to drain out and let dry overnight.
  3. Place cap back onto the ornament. Begin painting the hat with black paint. The paint will look splotchy and will need a second and possibly a third coat. Let paint dry between coats. If not applying flocking powder, let the last coat of paint completely dry.
  4. Optional - If applying flocking powder, while the black paint is still wet, sprinkle on the black flocking powder. Shake off excess. Repeat this process until the entire hat is covered with flocking powder. Set aside to dry. Before proceeding, any excess flocking powder will need to be brushed off.
  5. Paint on snowman leaves and berries Paint on the leaves and berries. Optional - use red chuck glitter or sequin to accent the berries.
  6. Paint on snowman ornament face with toothpick To add the eyes and mouth, use the flat end of a toothpick to apply the black paint. paint snowman ornament nose Use the end of a paint brush handle to apply paint to the nose. Let paint dry.
  7. Paint on the mittens. Let dry.
  8. Fray snowman scarf edge Optional - If adding a scarf, cut out a piece of fabric that is about 1/2" wide by 12" long. I used a red and white gingham woven cotton that I frayed at the edges. tie on snowman ornament scarf Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and tie around the snowman ornament neck.
  9. Glue on mini buttons to snowman ornament Paint or glue on mini buttons to the belly of the snowman. Let dry.
  10. Snowman ornament hat trim The last part! Take some white paint (or a color of your choice) and a very thin brush (thinner than the one shown) to paint on the snowman hat trim. Let dry.
  11. Dollar store snowman ornament makeover And it's ready to hang!


*Black chalkboard paint works well for thick coverage. Any of the paints can be changed out for chalk paint.

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