Create a Dollar Store Decoupage Acorn Container for a simple and inexpensive fall decor update.

October Pinterest Challenge

Time again for the monthly Pinterest Challenge. Each month, a few of my fellow blogging gals get together and try to create or be inspired by pins on our Pinterest boards. It’s a way for us to use of all those pins and to not just collect them on a Pinterest board.

This month’s Pin Challenge theme was all things fall. I really didn’t have a project in mind, but when I saw wood acorn containers at the dollar store, I decided to do a decoupage project. There wasn’t a specific pin that inspired this dollar store decoupage acorn container, but rather the plethora of decoupage projects found on Pinterest.

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Dollar Store Decoupage Acorn Container

I’m not sure if everyone did their fall/Thanksgiving shopping early this year, but the dollar store fall items seem to be wiped out! If you’re fortunate enough to grab these wooden acorn containers from the Dollar Tree, they make such cute and affordable fall decor. Tip: There may already be Christmas wood containers out, so pick those up early.

The great thing about these wood acorn containers is that you can paint, stain, or decoupage them to match your home decor. In this tutorial, I filled them with flowers, but you could use them to house disposable utensils and napkins on the table too.

Dollar Store Decoupage Acorn Container

Dollar Store Decoupage Acorn Container

How to make a fall decoupage acorn container using dollar store wooden acorn containers.


  • solid and decorative paper
  • Mod Podge
  • brown acrylic paint
  • styrofoam
  • various flowers
  • Optional - tapered candle (only for show, DO NOT light)


  • fine grit sandpaper
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • pencil
  • Optional - X-acto knife or blade


  1. Painting dollar store acorn container Paint the edges, inside, and outside of the acorn container. If filling with flowers, you don't need to paint the entire inside of the container as it will be covered. Same goes for the outside. Only paint areas that will not be covered with paper. If using to store utensils, paint the entire inside. Let dry. Repeat if a second coat is needed.
  2. Dollar Store Decoupage Acorn container tracing Place the container on the paper with the patter side down. Trace around the area where you want to place the paper. Cut out the pieces. If using two different papers for the top and bottom of the acorn, do this for both parts. Optional - do the same for the back of the container or paint the back of the container a solid color.
  3. Cut out the tracing and dry fit onto the acorn. Trim where needed to make a good fit. If it is slightly larger, that can be trimmed off later.
  4. Apply Mod Podge onto the front of the acorn and press paper pieces down. Repeat to the back if you cut out back pieces.
  5. dollar store acorn details Seal acorn container with Mod Podge If there are cut out areas, slightly press the paper into it so it can be seen. To seal the paper, apply Mod Podge on top of the paper. Let dry completely.
  6. Adults only for this part - Cut out the indent in the paper with an X-acto knife when the Mod Podge completely dries by running the edge of the knife against it. If there are any parts of paper hanging off the edge of the container, use fine sandpaper to sand it down. Make sure to move in one direction, towards the inside of the container.
  7. Flowers for dollar store decoupage acorn container Dollar Store Decoupage Acorn Container Cut styrofoam to fit inside the container. Cut and arrange flowers inside the container.
  8. Dollar store decoupage acorn container with candle Optional - add candle into the container. This is only for show and should not be lit unless using a flameless taper candles.


Before cutting or trimming the paper, make sure the Mod Podge is completely dry or the paper will tear. I made the mistake of not letting the Mod Podge dry and tore the paper when trimming the cut out area.

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  1. My Dollar Tree has moved on to Christmas. I grabbed up a few things for crafting as I felt they’d fly off the shelves as quickly as your wooden acorn seems to have done.

    I never thing to decoupage the wooden pieces. I need to change the way I view them. Your project turned out nice!