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DIY Seashell Pineapple

Lately, I’ve been loving all things decorated with seashells and beach themed items. I’m not sure if it’s due to it being summer or me being a little Hawaii homesick. Whatever the case, I’m back with another fun summer seashell craft project, an easy DIY Seashell Pineapple to add a touch of the islands to your home.

DIY Seashell Pineapple


  • glass jar (try to use jars with rounded shape)
  • 1″ – 1 1/2″ scallop shells
  • glue gun/hot glue sticks
  • white or cream paint
  • paint brush
  • green paint
  • two green felt sheets
  • scissors
  • raffia or twine (optional)
  • wooden tag or cardboard (optional)
  • fine tip black pen (optional)


Paint the seashell pineapple jar

Paint the outside of the jar with two coats of white paint.

Glue shells on DIY Seashell Pineapple

Generously apply glue to the inside edge of a scallop shell and press the shell onto the top of the bottle. Use the first bottle cover thread as a guide to line up the top edge of each shell. Continue gluing shells along the top until the entire top of the bottle is covered.


  1. Some shells fit better next to each other, so play around with different shells until you get the best fit.
  2. Shells may need to slightly overlap to line up around the jar.
  3. Use smaller shells along the top and larger shells on the bottom of the jar.

DIY Seashell Pineapple

Continue gluing shells around the bottle, making sure to alternate the position of the shells in each row.

Finish DIY seashell pineapple

Finish the last row of shells by lining up the bottom edge of the shells with the bottle seam.

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Felt crown

To create the crown of the pineapple, paint the cover of the jar with several coats of green paint and let it dry. Next, fold over the felt sheet in half lengthwise. Cut the pineapple leaves towards the folded edge of the felt, leaving a 1/4″ space from the edge. Repeat this with the second felt piece. Glue the two felt pieces together at one end and start to roll the pieces together.

Rolled pineapple crown

Cut off any excess felt so the rolled edges are even. Then glue the felt crown to the top of the jar lid.

DIY Seashell Pineapple

DIY Seashell Pineapple

Optional – paint a small wooden tag yellow and write your favorite saying on it. Tie the tag onto the seashell pineapple with raffia or twine.

Seashell vase

Another option – leave the cover off and use the bottle as a seashell vase.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Seashell Pineapple craft and stay tuned for more fun summer crafts! What you like to do with seashells?

DIY Seashell Pineapple - tutorial on how to make a fun home decor seashell pineapple

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  1. This is a nice and simple tutorial! And since I am living in a tropical country surrounded by the ocean, I am sure I can easily find shells to use. My sister also hoards (she also do crafts) felt sheets. Urgh! Can’t wait to do this project. It is super cute.

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