Today, I’m sharing how to make a red ombre pumpkin to finish off my 3-part pumpkin series!

DIY Red Ombre Pumpkin

This red ombre pumpkin is the medium sized pumpkin in the series and you’re probably wonder why I posted the tutorials out of order, right? I shared the smallest, DIY Glam Glitter Pumpkin, first and the largest, DIY Black Rose Pumpkin, second. Well, it’s because this medium-sized pumpkin was the hardest! It was a pain in my patootie to get the right look! However, since I made all the mistakes, it should be a breeze for you 🙂

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DIY Red Ombre Pumpkin


Optional for stem~

  • paper bag or butcher paper
  • pipe cleaner
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • scissors

DIY Red Ombre Pumpkin Directions:

black painted pumpkin

  • I used a cream 6.5″ craft pumpkin from Micheals craft store and painted the entire pumpkin with a coat of black chalkboard paint.
  • Optional – I also attached a faux paper stem. Go here to see how it’s done –>>HERE.

Note: If using a black pumpkin you can skip painting the pumpkin with black chalkboard paint.

Adding red cardinal paint

  • With a flat wide paint brush, add red paint to the upper 3/4 of the pumpkin. Let dry. Repeat this process two to three times until you get the red coverage you like. FYI – make sure the paint is completely dry between coats or you risk lifting off the previous coat.

Note: This is where my problem with the look of the pumpkin began. I hated the harsh brush strokes  between the red and black paint.

How to Get the Ombre Look

ombre pumpkin closeup

I forgot to take pictures the next steps, so I’m showing the steps on a piece of paper. It’s the same process and will result in a soft color transition.

Sponge brush with red and black paint

  • To soften or blur the transition between the red and black paint, switch to a foam sponge brush. At the tip of the foam brush, break off very tiny bits to create a jagged tip. This will further help to disguise straight lines.
  • On a paper or palette, add red and black paint right next to each other (see picture). Dip the sponge brush into the paint so that half the sponge is red and half is black.

Ombre effect of red and black

  • Dab/pounce onto the pumpkin in the transition area. DO NOT brush on. Continue to dab the paint around the entire pumpkin. Let dry.

Note: If the colors are getting muddy, stop and let the paint completely dry. Once dry, layer on more paint until you get the look you desire.

red ombre pumpkin single

  • Optional – paint the paper stem black.

3 designer pumpkins

Here are the 3 designer pumpkins all completed! I hope you enjoyed this 3-part pumpkin series as much as I did!

DIY Black Halloween Branch Trees

DIY Black Rose Pumpkin


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