Welcome to the third annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Guess what today is?! It’s the first day of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop and we’re sharing hand made ornament tutorials. To kick-off the first day, my contribution is a DIY mounted plaid deer head ornament!

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

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DIY Mounted Plaid Deer Head Ornament

DIY Mountd Plaid Deer Head Ornament

Lately, I’ve been on a birch wood slice ornament craze. I’ve already created a Snowman Wood Slice Ornament and Sparkly Wood Slice Ornament, so why not make one more?! This time, I made this DIY Mounted Plaid Deer Head Ornament, which was inspired by the rustic plaid trend.


DIY mounted plaid deer head ornament supplies

  • wood slice
  • deer head ornaments (bought mine at the 99 Cents Only)
  • craft glue
  • hot glue/glue sticks
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • plaid craft paper
  • ribbon
  • faux pine branch
  • faux snow
  • screw-in eye hook
  • twine
  • optional – permanent black felt tip pen
  • optional – sand paper

How to:

Cut paper for the DIY mounted plaid deer head ornament

  • If the wood surface is rough, sand it. This will help the craft paper adhere to the surface.
  • Place the wood slice on the back of the craft paper and trace around it.
  • Use the traced line as a guide and cut 1/8″ smaller. Check to see how it fits on the wood slice and trim more if needed till you get the right size.
  • Add craft glue to the back side of the cut paper and place onto the wood slice. Careful not to get glue onto the paper, so if there is seepage around the edges, wipe towards the outside of the ornament.

glue deer head to wood slice

  • If there is glitter on the bottom of the deer head, take the scissors and scrape off to have better adhesion to the paper on the wood slice.
  • Add glue to the bottom of the deer head and place on the front of the wood slice. I placed mine slightly towards the bottom.

Add mounted plaid deer head ornament details

  • Optional – Use a black felt tip pen to color the deer eyes.
  • Take a pine branch and trim the leaves to be about 3/8″ to 1/2″ long. I used a branch cut from the back side of one of my Christmas wreaths, but you can also buy pine branches at the craft store.
  • Glue pine branch around the deer neck to create a wreath collar.
  • Randomly dot craft glue around the pine branch and sprinkle with faux snow. Shake off excess snow.

Add bow to the deer head

  • Make a mini bow and glue onto the bottom part of the wreath collar.
  • Screw in the eye hook into the wood slice, making sure it is centered.
  • Add a twine loop to hang the ornament.
  • Trim or cut off the old ornament loop on the deer head.

DIY mounted plaid deer head ornament

Now, enjoy your new DIY mounted plaid deer head ornament!

Be sure to visit our fellow 12 Days of Christmas Hosts below for even more DIY Ornament ideas!

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