Get ready for a 3-part pumpkin glam series! Today, is the first pumpkin tutorial…DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin using a foam dollar store pumpkin!

DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin

The inspiration for this 3-part pumpkin glam series is the Grandin Road glam designer pumpkins. These 3 pumpkins are gorgeous and I’m going to attempt to make all three! The Grandin Road pumpkins range in cost from $24 to $59, but since I’m doing Halloween on a budget, I’m sharing my version of the DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin – pumpkin #1.

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DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin


Optional Supplies:

  • gold holographic sequins – found at Michaels in a 3-pack
  • gold beads
  • brown paper bag or butcher paper – for pumpkin stem
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks  – only needed if using brown paper bag/butcher paper
  • white acrylic paint


Dollar store foam pumpkins

Paint the entire foam pumpkin with black chalk paint. Let dry. Repeat with another coat if necessary. Let dry.

Adding glitter to the glam glitter pumkin

Add Mod Podge around the top of the pumpkin in a scallop design around the stem. Do this in sections. While the Mod Podge is wet, sprinkle on the gold glitter. Let dry.

Holographic glitter on black pumpkin

  • Paint the stem a metallic gold. Let dry.

Stop here or continue and add sequins, beads, and a new pumpkin stem. 

For more dimension, I added gold holographic sequins in two sizes and gold beads.

Closeup of the holographic glitter and beads

Using craft glue, randomly add gold sequins and beads on top of the glitter. Let dry.

Update 9/12/2018 – I added large Swarovski crystals from my craft stash for an even more dramatic effect. You can see it —>>> HERE.

Paper pumpkin stem

  • Cut a square piece of the paper bag about 5″ x 5″ in size and crumple it up.
  • Fold the pipe cleaner in half and place in the middle of crumpled paper (see image).
  • Twist paper around the pipe cleaner and cut off any excess pipe cleaner that sticks out at the tip.
  • Cut off the bottom of the ‘stem’ to fit the pumpkin size.

Paper pumpkin stem

  • Use hot glue and attach the paper stem to the pumpkin stem. Press, twist, and shape the stem.
  • Add hot glue to any areas that may need help keeping twisted.
  • Not shown – Paint the paper stem white. Let dry and paint with several coats of gold metallic paint. Let dry between coats.

DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin

I just LOVE this DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin! These pictures just can’t do this pretty pumpkin justice….it’s so sparkly, shiny, and soooo mesmerizing!


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  1. This pumpkin looks great! You can’t even tell its that ugly foam pumpkin from the dollar store. I want to go buy a box of those foam pumpkins and go crazy. My kids would love adding glitter to pumpkins. Your pumpkin series is great! #BringontheCrafts